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I exist – Latifa Prayer, Episode 2 (troibun)

As early as I can remember, times I just knew I did exist was looking at my mother’s face beam at me. I felt  alive and at one with her then. I think that period is different for everyone but the symbiosis was powerful between my mother and me.  I never questioned my existence in her presence.

reflection of me
in those hazel eyes
I am perfect

I am not sure when I felt separate. As I understood more about G-d and The Eucharist (communion) again, I felt connected and not separate. I used to feel a warmth or glow so intense after communion, it made me weep…

if He exists
then and only then
am I

Later in my adult life, learning various imageries and meditation starting with mindful breathing, I chose two imageries to form one which I have been doing for decades that make me feel free of the clutters of worry and stress …then I  begin to exist.

each breath
urging through the darkness
fuels surrender

each breath
pure air
gives life

urging through the darkness
the spirit

fuels surrender
emerge above the surface
like a lotus

© Tournesol’16/05/19

Episode 2, The Latifa Prayer “I exist” at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai