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how time flies (haibun – daily moments 15/12/30)

Such weakness of body pulled her down throughout the day; she tried to read to no avail; writing a line or two would have been a paramount success but with feeble mind the words were lost in a fog;  she completely lost track of time.

cruising in sleep
around the clock and then some,
sailing through time

(c) Tournesol ’15

Daily Moments – December 30 2015

witness to a bad dream (haibun – Daily moments)

Contemplating on life, she looks for answers. So many missed opportunities throughout his life; family struggling yet still reaching out urging him to climb out of dark depths. Finally, crawling out he feels the warmth of light and smiles knowing not what’s next to come.

A tear rolls down her cheek …word of his grave illness pounding at the gate. The universe decides when to change one’s course in life.

ailing child
witness to declining health
a mother’s nightmare

© Tourensol’15/12/26