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mourning ash (haibun)

(c)Clr'16 Rougemont, Qc.
(c)Clr’14 Rougemont, Qc.

In spring I was delighted to see so many lilac trees lined along the streets in front of commercial areas.   I wonder if that is an arrangement with businesses. Whatever the deal, it is simply breathtaking when they are blossoming at the same time.

Our city has ash trees lined on the side of streets and all along the boulevard in front of my home.  These are the trees that shade the backyard of my son’s home as well,  and I, along with his German Shepherd and Golden,  like to cool off in their shade.

This year will not be one of those times, however.  The ash trees in southern parts of Québec, Montreal adult emerald ash borerand Ottawa  are being attacked by Emerald Ash Borers from Asia.  They were first spotted in Detroit in 2002 and quickly crossed the border to Windsor, Ontario. Scientists say they have been around probably since 1990.

What is unfortunate about this situation is the fact that too many cities plant the same type of tree …rows and rows rather than interspersing among a variety. Now with these trees all dying, we will be left with emptiness.

My son and I walked in a nearby park last Sunday and he showed me the holes in the bark of one ash tree. That`s where the larvae breed under the bark and suck all the life out of these beautiful ash trees.

rows of ash trees
leaves spreading sparingly
one last summer

one last summer
cycle ends before its time
mournng ash

© Tournesol ’16-07-09

Daily Moments July 9  2016 mourning ash  Haibun




girl on a swing (haibun)

Emily eats her  cookie on the swing  in back of the cottage surrounded by rose bushes, plum trees, a cherry tree and several milkweeds. She loves how the grass is tall  and she can crawl on her tummy and pretend she’s in the jungle. The grasshoppers often play dead on a blade of grass and she can outstare any bug and make it jump away.

The blossoms sure looked pretty, she thought as she passed a fallen petal gently on her cheek; it felt like Mommy’s silk scarf.



child seeks a challenge
caterpillar stares her way
on the milkweed

(c) Tournesol’16-05-06

Written for The Carrot Ranch in 99 words, no more, no less.

natural shelter (kikôbun)

Early in the morning, raindrops on fresh cut grass tickled her feet. She stopped a moment to listen to her friends chirp ‘bon matin’. Spade in one hand, box of marigolds in the other, she reached her vegetable garden. Kneeling at the edge, she set the spade aside. No need for metal when the earth was still loose and wet. Digging bare hands in the rich soil, the feel on her fingers made her feel alive; the earthy scents of soil, clay and last night’s drizzle awakened her sense of being.  She planted the marigolds outlining the entire garden and got a whiff of the pungent, musky scent, pleasing to humans yet, repugnant to insects.


morning drizzle
oozes pleasant scents

alluring scents,
insects run away

© Tournesol ’15

CP Time Machine, ‘perfume’

Sweetness (haiga) …CarpeDiemHaikuKai #531

Photo credits: Wikipedia 

“ …It was but yesterday I thought myself a fragment quivering without rhythm in the sphere of life. Now I know that I am the sphere, and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me”. Khahil Gibran

Chèvrefeuille reminds us about all living things including insects however small are children of Mother Earth just as we are.  Sweetness being the theme he sees this as found among all of Mother Nature`s offsprings as well as the sweetness mixed with tang tasted from fruits.
under the hedge
I saw little creatures crawl
between fallen leaves
© Chèvrefeuille

vibrating cobweb
the spider awakens from his sleep
breakfast is served
© Chèvrefeuille

stow away worms
communion of ants
fallen fruit
© Tournesol ‘14/08/03

I get home late,
gnats fly wildly at the door
wise spider waits.
© Tournesol ‘14/08/03

Submitted for: CarpeDiem #531 Sweetness