my travel journal (troibun)

twilight approaching
narrowing pathway
shadows linger

twilight approaching
birds mocking
my hesitation

narrowing pathway
finally, my eyes can see
a light within

shadows linger
becoming spiritual guides
path of soul-searching


My Travel Journal, (Troiku)  is inspired by Chévrefeuille’s meme, “Basho’s Shadow Diary“. One thing I loved reading Basho, The Complete Haiku, translated by Jane Reichhold, was a dark side I could relate to;  I find beauty in the darkness now since so many thoughts form into haiku or verses,  lifting the darkness ever so gradually.  Somewhat like the darkness is the murkiness of the mud until a lotus surfaces above water.


weep not (troiku – Jennifer Hu inspired)

Hu, Jennifer (2014-10-30). The Flow of Peace: 40 Haiku inspired by Zen practice (October 2014) (Kindle Locations 18-19). . Kindle Edition.

Out my window
even the sky
will end. . .
© Jennifer Hu (The flow of Peace)

I’ve tried to create a troiku with Hu’s haiku:

Out my window
even the sky
will end. . .
© Jennifer Hu

out my window
a robin preys
fledglings chirp

even the sky
has its limits,

will end…
for a season – only,
weep not

© Tournesol’15

Dear Emily,

CLR 2014

CLR 2014

Who am I?  If I tell you who I truly am, what is left for me? I always thought this for a long time. How much we are guarded at times. How close to my chest must I hold my cards?  If I tell a person a secret, well, something no one knows but me, will he/she still accept me?  The answer is a) probably not b) no way c) maybe with time d) all of the above  Well, I know, you, Emily, will accept me…you have no choice, you stuck, glued at the hip…poor you!!! {chuckles}

In the past 2 weeks I am reading some Daily Quips from ButterflySand and they are getting under my skin, not quite like those ghastly giant hives I get off and on but still they are making me think. Shoot! For a person who tends to overthink things to the point of insomnia, I’ve tried with all my might this past week to shove it under the carpet in that walk in closet of my soul. But darnit! it is persistent, consistent and pervasive like dust in our homes (Oh, how I love my home at night when dust is veiled with twilight!)

I reblogged a post by Dave Kester on Stop the Stigma and I invite you to check that as well because that post truly impacted on me and I think people may truly appreciate his humble candor in this piece on secrets we hold about our personal self.

My ruminating all started with a post on Rage also by Butter Sand and made me see how we all have our weaknesses or failings when we may just explode, be upset, get frustrated, become impatient and then there are explosions…yikes! One would have to wonder what brought that on, right? If we do it in the privacy of our own homes, we dismiss it after a few moments of feeling shame. But when it happens in front of a close friend, a child (even worse!) or in public (work, store, etc.) then we know we need to do something about it OR withdraw for fear it happens again…and not get too close for fear someone gets to know us TOO well. What if it is another type of flaw we harbour and don’t want anyone to know about us? How do we hide it? How is it nurtured to stay within us for so long? How does it settle like a comfy couch and yet…is it really that comfy?

Well, this writer/blogger/artist/poet made me think a lot. I am thinking that perhaps there is a reason I am noticing more posts of similar nature. Fate? Serendipity? …maybe I am at a place in my life where I AM supposed to be just about now.

DungeonPrompts are weekly prompts that allow bloggers to do some introspection, if they want, and write from a personal account OR a fiction, poem, story. This week it’s about Writing in the Flow. Well, that surely rings a bell. I read Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way  years ago and did all the exercises in the book. I took a journaling class at U of T at St Michael’s College years ago as well, partly to unleash my creativity so I could write more but what happened was it opened my eyes to a lot of pent up stuff I was holding back. I suppose that too will hold back our creativity. Well, if you look at this week’s prompt you will see some quotes that Sreejit posted that allude to that fact as well.

So I read this prompt and another light goes on. The instructions are so similar to what I tell youths on the phone and yesterday in particular I repeated and did a relaxation/imagery meditation with several youths who phoned our service. I may do it once or twice a week but rarely so often in one shift. Nonetheless, I do find it fascinating that so many pieces are falling into place…feel like being visiting by old friends and family. Like anyone, we have people in our past we don’t care to revisit but some boomerang back because we have things to settle within ourselves…still.

And so some of my past readings are forcing me to do some serious introspection…thank goodness for poetry for some thoughts are articulated with a bit more grace…the good, the bad and the ugly. I tell you, Emily, I am so busy on overdrive with this pondering!

Today is May 1st and it does feel like a beginning as we enter, finally, in our neck of the woods. Pam at Butterfly Sands posts yet another lovely thought to ponder on her Daily Quip which I reblogged earlier this morning.  This is how I want to end this reflection, Emily, on a positive note as she described that people don’t just love you despite your flaws but that our flaws are what make us…make ME and I’m wonderful…YOU are wonderful as you are!

Happy May!!!

Cheryl-Lynn 2014/05/01

The Cluttered Mind

Street Art, de Gaspé, Montréal, Qc. - Cheryl-Lynn

Street Art, de Gaspé, Montréal, Qc. – Cheryl-Lynn

Any clutter

causing turmoil,

attempt to toil

and scrub keenly

rinse liberally

wipe cleanly

look gingerly

It’s Spring!



Remove the mess

missing calmness

too much there

too little where

it really counts


Futile movements




sight see

in your chi!


corners and  inspect

under crannies




do not tolerate

things that loiter

fester and disintegrate

left with useless rubbish

causing souls to tarnish,

losing life’s clear luster;






can be daunting

awful or amazing…

times even


Feeling outrage!?

don’t dispirit

seek a sage,

catch the culprit

of doom

and gloom

and misery!

trash the felon

forever gone !


Now, there’s room

for finer things

like hope and love

long-lasting peace


… and,


© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/03/16

To read more about clearing the mind of clutter check out my blog at StopTheStigma and click here

Inspired: When The Student Is Ready by Dorothy Chiotti