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Off-Key (haiku)

Still on the path of Jennifer Hu, from her collection: Final Thoughts (2014)

A sharp cry –
the tea kettle
can’t sing
(c) Jennifer Hu 2014

silly love songs
giddy teens croon

an Irish song
shower echoes off –key
ghosts shudder

tender love song
echoes from the shower –
soft cries

(c) Tournesol ’15

weep not (troiku – Jennifer Hu inspired)

Hu, Jennifer (2014-10-30). The Flow of Peace: 40 Haiku inspired by Zen practice (October 2014) (Kindle Locations 18-19). . Kindle Edition.

Out my window
even the sky
will end. . .
© Jennifer Hu (The flow of Peace)

I’ve tried to create a troiku with Hu’s haiku:

Out my window
even the sky
will end. . .
© Jennifer Hu

out my window
a robin preys
fledglings chirp

even the sky
has its limits,

will end…
for a season – only,
weep not

© Tournesol’15

Zen inspired (haiku)

This was not an easy prompt.  I usually do not participate because I look through Lolly’s amazing poems, then flip through a few other family members and cannot decide.  So this time chose Jennifer Hu.  Oh, it was still a difficult feat since I have about 5 haiku collections by her.  So I chose a few from (2014-11-25). Final Things: 40 Haiku inspired by Zen practice, Kindle Edition

A sharp cry-
the tea kettle
can’t sing
© Jennifer Hu ’14

an Irish tune –
shower echoes
off key
© Tournesol ’15

Ah! So many wrinkles, now —
but the mirror
is smooth
© Jennifer Hu 2014

how frail
her unsteady gait – girlish
sparkle in her eyes
© Tournesol ’15

the crickets
© Jennifer Hu 2014

thunder clap,
swallows in the tree
lost their tweet
© Tournesol ’15