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J is for Joy (Troibun)

Life offers many joys. One just has to stop and notice they are here even in the saddest times, under grey clouds and personal strife. She shuffles reflecting on her solitude wistfully aiming for the city park.


sitting on a park bench
giggling children
joy etched on lips

sitting on a park bench
swallows chirp
telling stories

giggling children
skipping, running joyfully
tag you’re it

joy etched on lips
brings new life
spirit glows


My haiga for this prompt at Carpe Diem:

park bench

giggling children
swallows telling stories
paints joy on lips

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai “new life”

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 12

Daily Moments March 13/16 ~ reminiscing (haibun)

The past whispers as she honours her sibling’s birthday;  sitting by the water she inhales a hope for  spring despite the ice covered lake. She feels her mother’s presence and together,  they bathe in sun’s glory.  She remembers how her uncle enjoyed ice fishing too, in those little cabins spread out on the lake. Ah those brave souls… fishing was only part of the experience, he used to tell her. That was not that long ago it seems. How important it is to embrace precious moments that become treasures stored for later.

© Clr'16 Brome Lake, Photo Credits: Karen D.
© Clr’16
Brome Lake, Photo Credits: Karen D.

squinting at the sun,
gems bouncing off the snow,
memoirs of times passed

© Tournesol’16/03/13

Daily Moments March 13/16 ~ remininscing (haibun)

beginnings (troiku)


Birth and death, to me, are more similar than different. That first moment you learn you are going to have a child, you go through many emotions. You are shocked or surprised; you are in denial until you accept the fact you are, if you are someone who had not planned this and perhaps inadequately prepared at this time in your life, be it at 12, 16 or 20 years old, for example. You may be bargaining with your higher power or yourself that it could be a miscalculation or you may be a woman who has been trying to have a child for years. Maybe you do not want to believe it in case there is an error and you will be grieving a loss of that hope once again. You may even feel anger or guilt or both if it is consequences of a rape, a party gone bad, a foolish mistake…take your pick. Even if the pregnancy is planned, there are moments of sadness, of saying goodbye to the life as you knew it, the freedom and the fear of having an innocent being dependent on you for the next two decades or more. Every life transformation starts with saying goodbye to your past before hello to that new beginning.

Acceptance can be anytime throughout the gestation period or once that baby is born. And that very day you know that you are treading on unknown territory even if you are happy. That first child, the awkwardness and fear of not getting it right is ever-present. The apprehension mixed with the acceptance of this reality come together ….your new beginning.

I cannot help thinking as I am grieving my mother today, hours before that time she passed, relating death to birth or a new beginning. I am reliving each moment I was by her side that morning, afternoon, night. Even if I knew she was frail and consumed with dementia, the death…that total loss was a new sense of aching emptiness. It was shocking in the sense I had no idea I could feel this much loss at first.

As I sit here hours before her death a year ago, I cannot help but playback moments of that long day. I couldn’t go to work today…called in sick as I knew I would be of no service to youths or young adults in crisis…my soul was tired and my heart too fragile. I thought it would be the day of her passing I would feel this intense loss and need to revisit those last hours we shared together in love… symbiosis.

When I think of the time of her death being just minutes after midnight, it would make sense to be mindful of the day before. My mother would also retell me every year hours leading up to my birth which was minutes after midnight as well.

Thinking back on the births of my two children, I cannot help but be reminded of the day before they were born because those were the preparation hours, things we did not quite realizing when those babies would peak their little faces to the light and out of that warmth.

Every year I relive those moments before my children were born as I do for my grandson being present then as well.

Holding my newborn son years ago, I remember wondering (even if I was happy and had been waiting years to have this first child) how I will cope in this new beginning. Will I manage? Will I be good enough? What is ahead now is new territory I had never experienced before firsthand.

© Clr'15
© Clr’15

When you lose someone you love deeply, as I am feeling with my mother, I feel somewhat similar feelings…that awkwardness, self-doubt on how I will manage through the rest of my life without her. Not being able to phone her, visit her, tell her how much I love her…thank her for loving me and giving me so much all her life. No, this is new terrain at any age.   It is a new beginning of a life motherless, fatherless as well…a new experience as the next generation to pass on and see myself in that new role.

As I think of birth and death, the same exercise goes on in my mind…reliving those hours before that first cry, that last gasp.


Birth and death
time before a milestone
engraved forever

birth and death
ground breaking
both preludes

time before a milestone
unfamiliar ground
flashing by

engraved forever
first or last
intense synergy

© Tournesol ‘15/12/01

Haiku Horizons “ground”

Joy recalled (haiku – tanka)

© Clr ' Rougemont apple blossoms
© Clr ‘ Rougemont apple blossoms

moments of delight
yesteryear or yesterday
joys reborn

bitter cold winters
darkness shrouds light of day
recalling blossoms
budding on apple trees
visions bring me back to joy

all those firsts
hearing “Mommy, I wuv you”
brings such joy

sun kissed skies
dewdrops on soft white petals
early dawn of joy

dips beneath blue azure
fluid hues of joy

© Tournesol ’15

Using our words for spreading joy at The SeekersDungeon

tears of joy (haibun)

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Prompt:  “tears falling”

Grief followed her like a doting puppy; days, weeks, months of moments tears just soaked her face; never a moment’s notice, tears of grief are spontaneous and sneaky. She knew this; expected this and accepted the sudden burst of tears.

Last week, marked a milestone in her career and colleagues and friends were most generous with comments and well wishes. At the end of her shift in the late evening, a colleague working the night shift rushed to her to deliver a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

sudden burst
heart bathed in pure love
tears of joy

(c) Tournesol ’15

butterfly wing (haibun)

Butterfly tear by Scorpiutza Watch Traditional Art / Drawings / Other©2009-2015 Scorpiutza (Deviantart)

She looked out to the river. The rumbling rapids helped to quiet her pulse. She sat crossed legged on the flat stones and gave a child’s bucket to her grandson to fill  and water the lilies on the shore. Back and forth he repeated the dunking; sauntering to the shore, splashing water on the bed of lilies. Suddenly, the little guy asked , “Why are you crying, Nana?” He pointed to a teardrop slipping down her cheek. She looked stunned, having been in another world for a few seconds, “Oh, I’m not crying, sweetheart, I was daydreaming about butterflies.”

Butterfly wings
 caress her cheek
banished tear

© Tournesol’15

Carpe Diem “butterflies”