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against gravity (haibun)

She thought about her speech she was chosen to give for her group. Her spiritual advisor had chosen her to give her confidence and believe in herself after working for months on her spiritual growth. She had scrunched up dozens of paper already, never satisfied with her words. She closed her eyes and repeated her mantra which usually helped to calm her mind and then like magic, her muse took over.

“I hope to convey my learnings these past months where I have searched deep inside of my soul and am pleased to have found my true self.

I exist because I am who I am
I desire enlightenment
at this stage of my life
I hope to gain insights
as I continue to search my soul
I do believe there is a higher consciousness
and trust my Higher Power will guide me
I shall let go and let myself be
in the hands of The Great Spirit,
Whom I love
and now,
I am prepared
to receive His love and blessings.

through muddied waters
against forces of nature
a lotus blossoms


Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie

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I love, I am prepared – Latifa Prayer (haibun)

© Clr'15
© Clr’15

Loving comes so easy, she thinks of her children and grandchildren. As much as it is easy to forgive someone you love, it is not so easy to forgive oneself. That is still a work in progress. Once she has mastered forgiving herself she will be on the path of self-love. The greatest love of all is to love self as we are made in the image and likeness of Our Creator. When self-love is achieved, then, she will be prepared.

meditates on a branch
butterfly dreams


I exist – Latifa Prayer, Episode 2 (troibun)

As early as I can remember, times I just knew I did exist was looking at my mother’s face beam at me. I felt  alive and at one with her then. I think that period is different for everyone but the symbiosis was powerful between my mother and me.  I never questioned my existence in her presence.

reflection of me
in those hazel eyes
I am perfect

I am not sure when I felt separate. As I understood more about G-d and The Eucharist (communion) again, I felt connected and not separate. I used to feel a warmth or glow so intense after communion, it made me weep…

if He exists
then and only then
am I

Later in my adult life, learning various imageries and meditation starting with mindful breathing, I chose two imageries to form one which I have been doing for decades that make me feel free of the clutters of worry and stress …then I  begin to exist.

each breath
urging through the darkness
fuels surrender

each breath
pure air
gives life

urging through the darkness
the spirit

fuels surrender
emerge above the surface
like a lotus

© Tournesol’16/05/19

Episode 2, The Latifa Prayer “I exist” at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai