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transporting notes ~ Troibun ~ Feb 18 2020 Daily Moments

Sitting in front of the t.v. screen, she flips from one video to the next and finds nothing to capture her attention. It has been a long day. Day two of busyNESS, Day two of SadNESS, Day two of various fires to try and put out and yet…the day feels unfulfilled. There is the person who hung up too soon because someone walked in on them; there’s the person whose phone died and you never had a chance to see if he’s safe and the list goes on. All in a day’s work, some say…who the hell says that anyway?

Switching to music seems more healing…starting with Satie Song by Alanna-Marie Boudreau, then Kimbra’s Cameo Lover and Sara Bareilles’s Gravity. Lastly, she listens to one of her favourites, Damien Rice’s Accidental Babies…aww, total bliss! It is amazing how music can truly transform you.

She is reminded of a youth now who is a musician playing classical and jazz. How fortunate she is to do the work she does do. How blessed she is to hear their stories and to be the ear that hears those secrets they disclose for the first time…they actually dared to say “out loud”. Such courage they have had to gather to reach out for support.

Before the end of her evening, she listens to  one more song, Damien’s Rootless Tree…


sighing softly
thinking of those classical notes
cut at her heartstrings

sighing softly
recalling her soft voice
vulnerable and frayed

thinking of those classical notes
only ivory keys can articulate
such pain

cut at her heartstrings
images of doom and gloom
unearthed and naked

© Tournesol 2020/02/18

transporting notes Troibun Feb 18 2020 Daily Moments

Boudreau’s Satie Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppOvD4Egbno

Kimbra’s Cameo Lover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaTEySLiLmc

Bareilles’s Gravity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEXhAMtbaec

Damien’s Accidental Babies https://youtu.be/ELTVP4aqWAI

Damien’s Rootless Tree https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1V6u3jdxwc

whispering promise (troibun)


As a child August meant school was around the corner.  With mixed feelings she anticipated a new school year, that smell of fresh ink on new books, her best handwriting on that first page of her scribbler and so much promise to fill her mind…learning anew. Of course there were new students arriving in her little town and new relationships forming opening her heart she smiles, waiting with anticipation.   And yet, as months progress death looms in the air as leaves fall and grounds reek of decay…


The Troiku is a new haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille

(a troiku)

autumn leaves whisper
that first je t’aime

autumn leaves whisper
endings or new beginnings
paradox of life

mistakes repeated
over and over

that first je t’aime
fairy tale or mystery
still unresolved



silent dreams Daily Moments December 10 2016


Her grandchild is tucked in, after an evening laughing playing cards and watching Netflix; he’s resting up for a tournament tomorrow morning. How silent the place feels all of a sudden. She had not realized just how quiet her home was…lacking life without her children.  One gets used to the quiet not realizing what one is missing sometimes.

silent dreams
in living colour

© Tournesol’16/12/10

Daily Moments, December 10, 2016

autumn of life (troiku)

[…] “Last evening I was looking out from my balcony and saw a sparrow perch on a branch. All of a sudden, with a quick jerk, she ruffles her feathers and spreads out her wings – her bodyline on an upward curve, about to take off.” […] Kala Ramesh

fallen leaf

clouds make way
end of a long quest
heaven opens up

clouds make way
sparrow takes flight
first fallen leaf

end of a long quest
scent of Givenchy
still lingers

heaven opens up
scent of Givenchy
an angel awaits

©Tournesol <16/08/19

life’s too short (haibun)

Sometimes it is best not to know what some people think about you especially if it will only break your heart. It is so much easier seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses even if there is suffering in the world, why not let the good outweigh the bad?

ignorant of any misgivings
joyous to a fault

© Tournesol’16/05/27

Three Word Wednesday: Happy-go-lucky, ignorant. joyous

Daily Moments ~ Feb 21/16 ~ harsh society (haibun)

Getting on to the bus, she shuffled with her cane and asked the young man behind the bus driver for his seat. It is a seat designated for visually impaired or those with limited movement. She would have taken a seat further but her backpack was heavy and there is a shelf to place bags next to that seat. The young man had his ear buds on, on and looked at her and barked, “there are plenty of other seats!” with a smug look on his face. She noticed a seat further down so she took her bag off her shoulders and placed it next to the man and shuffled off to another seat. An older woman looked at her with a look of fear in her eyes. Now that really irked her for she felt that some older and more frail men and women felt intimidated by this behaviour.

rendering vulnerable –

She sat down and took out her beaded bracelet and decided to chant her mantra silently. All the while trying to “let it go”. It was not easy at first for responses like “What would your mother think about your behaviour? Would you treat your grandmother like that?” But then she was thinking he came from a bad place emotionally and was perhaps hurting…maybe angry at the world.  After completing her mantra she could gradually feel a sense of relief, she then chanted in her mind a mantra wishing happiness to the world, thinking of this angry, rude young man.

Om, Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

When she stepped off the bus the young man was behind her and had to pause so she could hold on to the side of the bus to avoid stumbling (like she did last year and fell flat on her face). She noticed he had very fashionable and expensive clothes on and shook her head in dismay at his lack of education and consideration for others.
Getting on the Métro, she was saddened looking at the inside of the train…


monikers scream
claiming territory
with a vengeance

© Tournesol ’16/02/21

Daily Moments ~ Feb 21/16


 “May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” Shanti: Peace

Change (Six Sentence Stories – Haiku – Tanka)


caterpillars change
painstakingly crawl up trees
into butterflies.

tadpoles mesmerize
swirling in a frenzy
making kids dizzy
sans a princess kiss
change into a frog.

change is constant
something you can count on
dependable and sure.

seedlings sprout
change into budding flowers
one of nature’s grace

children’s innocence
beware, abuse kills this purity
breaking little hearts.

birth is intense
prepares us for constant change
death- life’s peaceful rest.

(c) Tournesol ’16/01/17

Written for Six Sentence Stories

In honour of the late David Bowie…

They spread their leaves (haibun)

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. Kahlil Gibran

https://frandi.wordpress.com/lebanese-family-tree-photos/ Sketch by Kahlil Gibran

In her youth she had  many plants in her home.  Begonias, African violets, dieffenbachias, spider plants, cactus and ivies. Oh! how she loved them!  Those years trying to have children, she treated each one like her baby.  Each plant had different needs… watered once a week, some twice, some once a month. All had their special personality, some shied from the sun, others rose with the sun and her prayer plant that folded at night reminding her always to say her prayers before going to sleep.  Now she had her mother and this plant to remind her.

One year she adopted  a beautiful fern that she kept in her bedroom where it was cooler and visitors might not rub on it.   And then, she had babies which took up all her attention. Most of her plants left for foster homes.

Her family moved to a home in the country, where there was room to run and play and plant a huge vegetable garden.  She planted marigolds around the vegetables to protect them from unwanted visitors and petunias and begonias in the front flower bed.

That was long ago. She’s  moved since then; the children grew up and left. She and her cat look out at her humble herb garden and a mother-in-law tongue sits in the dining room. Now the plant serves her, wagging its tongue and purifies the air.

© Clr '15
© Clr ’15

flowers blossom,
spread their leaves – then,
  the sun sets

© Tournesol’15

DversePoets – Haibun Monday

Chiyo-ni: The Snow Woman (haiku)

© Amazon.ca

I was so fascinated by Chiyo-Ni’s haiku,  that I had check to see if I could find an ebook this morning and found a lovely collection of 44 selected Haiku composed during the entire life of Chiyo-ni. The Snow Woman :Selected Haiku by Fukuda Chiyo-Ni. Haiku selected and translated by Luca Cenisi, President of the Italian Haiku Association (AIH)

There are so many great haiku, it was not easy choosing…I think I may start a little booklet working on some of her haiku and trying to write in that tone this fall.

on her day off
a prostitute wakes up, alone:
the cold of nights
© Chiyo-Ni

school’s out
old Miss Grant shuffles on home
vacant rooms scream

© Tournesol ’15

Here is one more:

I saw the moon:
now I can say goodbye
to this world
© Chiyo-ni

sunset divine
calling me softly
to the other side

© Tournesol ’15