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painful goodbyes (haibun)

© Barbara Florczyk

Saying goodbye can be so painful and that is what she did at the train station this evening. Idle chatter filled their last hour sitting on the platform waiting for the train.  When the whistle blew, LAST CALL…they both stopped talking.  They stared at each other for the longest two minutes without exchanging one word.  Their eyes searched into each other’s soul, trying to transcribe those heavy thoughts.  Their eyes swam in painful puddles…tears rolling down their cheeks…still, not a word.

The train’s engine started up and they simply hugged each other tightly for a brief moment and he picked up his valise and turned towards the train, never looking back.

Rather than take a cab home, she decided to walk the 10 kilometre passage on foot.

piercing emptiness
tearing at her heart
tears spill from heaven


Written for MindLoveMiserysMenagerie – Photo Challenge


whispering promise (troibun)


As a child August meant school was around the corner.  With mixed feelings she anticipated a new school year, that smell of fresh ink on new books, her best handwriting on that first page of her scribbler and so much promise to fill her mind…learning anew. Of course there were new students arriving in her little town and new relationships forming opening her heart she smiles, waiting with anticipation.   And yet, as months progress death looms in the air as leaves fall and grounds reek of decay…


The Troiku is a new haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille

(a troiku)

autumn leaves whisper
that first je t’aime

autumn leaves whisper
endings or new beginnings
paradox of life

mistakes repeated
over and over

that first je t’aime
fairy tale or mystery
still unresolved



Une mère par Linda Lemay

The prompt this week at Song Lyric Sunday Theme   is to Post a song about missing someone you love.  Let’s let them know how much we miss them and can’t wait to see them again.  In this post, I will never see this person again in this lifetime but hopefully, she will be greeting me when my time comes.  I did not translate the lyrics…Linday Lemay is a Québecois singer-songwriter who writes songs about life, day to day events, family and so much more.  If you want to get a taste of of the song, you can cut and paste it and translate it on Google Translate. It gives a rather fair to good translation.

This song starts with a mother coming home with her baby all the way  to   the end of her life.  It is very moving!



Une mère
Ça travaille à temps plein, ça dort un œil ouvert
C’est d’garde comme un chien
Ça court au moindre petit bruit, ça s’lève au petit jour
Ça fait des petites nuits.
C’est vrai, ça crève de fatigue
Ça danse à tout jamais une éternelle gigue
Ça reste auprès de sa couvée
Au prix de sa jeunesse, au prix de sa beauté.

Une mère,
Ça fait ce que ça peut, ça ne peut pas tout faire,
Mais ça fait de son mieux.
Une mère,
Ça calme des chamailles
Ça peigne d’autres cheveux que sa propre broussaille

Une mère,
C’est plus com’ le autres filles
Ça oublie d’être fière

Ça vit pour sa famille
Une mère,
Ça se confine au bercail
C’est pris comme un noyau
dans le fruit de ses entrailles

Une mère,
C’est là qu’ça nous protège
Avec les yeux pleins d’eau, les cheveux pleins de neige
Une mère,
A un moment, ça s’courbe, ça grince quand ça s’penche
Ça n’en peut plus d’être lourde
Ça tombe, ça se brise une hanche
Puis rapidement, ça sombre
C’est son dernier dimanche
Ça pleure et ça fond à vue d’oeil
Ça atteint la maigreur des plus petits cercueils
O bien sûr, ça veut revoir ensemble
toute sa progéniture entassée dans sa chambre
Et ça fait semblant d’être encore forte
Jusqu’à c’que son cadet ait bien r’fermé la porte
Et lorsque, tout’ seule ça se retrouve
Ça attend dignement qu’le firmament s’entr’ouvre
Et puis là , ça se donne le droit
De fermer pour une fois les deux yeux à la fois

Une mère ça ne devrait pas partir
Mais on n’y peut rien faire
Mais on n’y peut rien dire.

En savoir plus sur http://www.paroles.net/lynda-lemay/paroles-une-mere#OE1VbtBD6BUmO1TG.99

Click on Google Translate for an idea what this beautiful song says

In memory of Jane Reichhold – Aug. 7/16 (troibun)

© Clr '16
© Clr ’16

Walking home with her grandson after a wonderful day in the city,  she could not help but admire the sky. Once, her grandson was sound asleep, she read about the sad news…such a loss in the world of haiku. And then, she understood the mysteries of the sky tonight.

dash of white clouds
stand out
in the night sky

dash of white clouds
splash of goodness
wings of an angel

stand out
seventeen syllables
more or less

in the night sky
greets an angel with a smile
crescent moon

© Tournesol’16-08-07

And then she read this beautiful haiku  posted  by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, after she had written the above troiku.

without lights
the brightness of a blue sky
full of stars © Jane Reichhold

a star
stands outs tonight
for eternity

© Tournesol’16-08-07

shamanic journey
a red dragonfly comes
to guide the canoe © Jane Reichhold

new beginnings
only spirits see the path
still, unknown to us

© Tournesol’16-08-07

In memory of an artist, teacher and poet, Jane Reichhold.

Chèvrefeuille – Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

weep not (troiku – Jennifer Hu inspired)

Hu, Jennifer (2014-10-30). The Flow of Peace: 40 Haiku inspired by Zen practice (October 2014) (Kindle Locations 18-19). . Kindle Edition.

Out my window
even the sky
will end. . .
© Jennifer Hu (The flow of Peace)

I’ve tried to create a troiku with Hu’s haiku:

Out my window
even the sky
will end. . .
© Jennifer Hu

out my window
a robin preys
fledglings chirp

even the sky
has its limits,

will end…
for a season – only,
weep not

© Tournesol’15