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Father`s Day, this June 18, 2017

me as a childHe crawled on his hands and knees and made me laugh; he tickled me until my tummy muscles hurt; he took me on car rides in wooded areas…just he, me and

©clr`17 GrandPapa

my sister.  He played the mean old man just for fun so he could quickly turn into my saviour and took me in his arms to rescue me. He was my saint and still is my saint to whom I pray when I feel frightened and vulnerable…Merci, Grand-Papa! You also passed Father’s Day weekend, giving me, every year, time to truly thank you for being in my life.

He pushed me and encouraged me and instilled determination and hard work. He believed in me and knew I was smart and could do better. He wanted more than me sometimes and yet, he made me see my potential. He was fond of me and even named his daughter after me. Thank you Mr. Lagacé, for being a teacher who saw more in me than I could fathom…I succeeded despite many obstacles…I DID it and you planted the seed.


He looks upon me with pride; the love he feels is overwhelming. He’s gentle; he’s funny and makes me feel so special. I even feel a bit possessive with he has girlfriends and wonder if I will lose my place…he protected me from wolves and walked me down the aisle as my “dad” at my wedding.  He will always be a Dad to me.  Bonne Fête des Pères, Bernie.


How I loved my Fridays after school!  I’d go with Jane and have supper with her family.  If I was late or did not go, he would say,”Where is Lynn?  It’s Friday!”  He taught me to be proud of my slender (lanky to me silhouette); He convinced me to stop nail-biting so I could one day show off my engagement ring on my finger. (That actually worked at the young age of 13!) He counted me as one of his daughters…for a night or two or three sometimes…Thank you,  Mr. Wilkins for making me feel special.

©Clr;17 Mom & Fred

He took me for my first drink after winning a college scholarship at 17 years old. He stood by Mom when I walked down the aisle, with pride. He paced the floors for hours when I was in labour…he was always there…Thank you Fred for making Mom feel so loved and for being a Dad to me. You left us June 18th and making this year even more memorable, on Father’s Day.   I love  you and still miss you, Fred.


©Clr`17 Uncle Fred and Ma Tante Mae

It took me 45 years to feel that specialness a “Dad” can bestow on an older daughter.  Remember those teenage years and young adulthood when you were in love?  Remember when your father wanted to “check him out” to make sure your heart would not be broken.  Well,  I was a late bloomer!  I remember when I lived with my aunt and uncle and sometimes I would hang up the phone and say, “Oh, gee I have a date. What am I going to wear?” He would smile and sit on the couch with his lovely mate  (Ma Tante Mae) who was as excited as me.  The fashion show would commence and he’d look, smile and sometimes raise an eyebrow.  The raised eyebrow was probably a more sexy outfit 😉  He would tell me discreetly, “Be careful not to fall head over heels too quickly and get hurt.”  To which I would say, “I may need  your shoulder to cry on if that happens.” And I did and he was there. Thank you Uncle Fred for being such a cool and understanding dad!

And Dad,  no matter how distant our relations were over the years, I still remember how special I felt if you would “Wink”  or say, “How’s it going,  Kiddo?” and my heart would melt.  I know you were always proud of us and in those last few years you mellowed and you let me see a softer side of you. I love you, Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to fathers world wide and for those special men who really make a difference with their selfless love.


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©Cheryl-Lynn ’17

Entouré d’amour (tanka) daily moments September 12 2016


septembre avance
les nuits frissonnent
l’été prend fin
toutefois, une chaleur me borde
entourer des êtres chers

September moves on
twilight shivers
summer’s end
yet, swaddled in warmth
surrounded by loved ones


Daily Moments – September 12 2016 Entouré d’amour

sweet sprinkles (haibun)

[…] “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” […] Rumi

There is no question the love she has for her children and their children; they are from her, a part of her extending into the future. And as she is like a daisy with each petal depicts the multiplicity of her personality, hence, several petals group together forming another passion…her love of reaching out to those in need.

pain bleeds
late in the night – and then,
gentle sigh of relief
sweetens the night air
voice of comfort


all my children (troiku)

Inspiration today is “sunshine”

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” Hans Christian Andersen

© ClRoberts’16


daisies kiss the sun
in the wind, sunflowers sway
sunshine of my heart

daisies kiss the sun
open fields
of wildflowers

in the wind, sunflowers sway
mind the rhythm
my heart beats

sunshine of my heart
Mother Nature’s offspring
– all my children

© Tournesol’16

compassion rules (haiku)

It is such a pleasure to read this Tokubetsudesu episode at Carpe Diem today. We are honouring Milan Rajkumar who was the runner-up of the “new life” kukai. He lives in Impal, Manipur, India. I am tempted to visit there someday if ever I am fortunate enough to visit India. ..perhaps one day before heading more south to Kerala.
This is the haiku that finished second in this kukai

lifeless for a season
pupa inside the ocean
spring gives life and wings
© milan rajkumar

What a beautiful haiku with many underlying messages on life.
In my mind, Milan is number one and I am often inspired by his beautiful haiku. Wrapped in humility, he writes thought provoking and evocative poetry. A teacher by day and poet and thinker tween times…and yet, does a haiku poet not think each moment of the day, savouring and locking into one’s heart and soul?
Here is another haiku filled with eloquence…

across the lake
a skipping pebble
© milan rajkumar

And the poem that inspired my haiku is this wonderful tanka written in response to the Latifa Prayer episodes.

frog on lotus leaf
sitting and admiring
lotus bloom
does it care the snake
which looms behind
© milan rajkumar

When I read this lovely poem, it reminds me of our widowed GrandMaman who took my mother, sister and me into her home. Regardless of how little she had, her love for boundless.

burgeoning love
une grandmère spares little
worm curls in rich soil

worm curls in rich soil
bed of fruitful promises
compassion grows

compassion grows
like a field of golden rod
ruling God’s earth


Daily moments of reflection – Compassion rules  June 7 2016

le coup de foudre (haiga)


Postcard from Chris at TheMuscleheaded Blog – Artist: Chéri Hérouard

ému par sa force
cœur fébrile
soupir d’abandon


This retro postcard I saw at The Muscleheaded Blog inspired me…thanks, Chris.  This could have been my maternal grandparents after WWI in a town near Montréal, Gervaise regard dans les yeux de son bien aimé, Elphège. 

Daily Moments ~ Mother’s Day (haibun)

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Flowers and scented creams, bubble bath and loving company …to start with! Almost four hours setting up her elliptical exerciser, she has set in front of her patio window and then off to a Brazilian restaurant where meats are served on a stick …sirloin, lamb, bacon turkey, pork loin, chicken, filet mignon and roast beef…over and over and over they serve and just around dessert time… warm pineapple with brown sugar and cinnamon on a stick two dancers perform on each floor inviting patrons to join them.


a special card
words that melt a mother’s heart
would have been enough


Daily Moments Mother’s Day May 8/16