Montreal City Lights…an amazing Band!

Last week I had the opportunity to see an amazing band perform at Café Campus, Montréal, Qc..  To see these guys perform…to hear the depth of their talent was awesome!

Montreal City Lights

Montreal City Lights

Here is a little bio I got from their website that YOU should all check out

Founded in 2010, Montreal City Lights is the result of individuals who have one thing in common: a strong passion for music. The band is composed of Alexandre Lavoie (vocals, guitar), Jean-François Nadeau (drums),  Philippe Pilon (bass), Sébastien Fournier (trumpet) and Dominique Moisan (voice). The group takes us on a musical journey with their songs that contain a wide variety of colors. This blend of talented musicians results in a Folk-Rock-Pop-Blues festive ambiance with plenty of nuances. Right from the start, the band performed on many stages including Club Soda, Le National and Le Petit Campus. Launched in February 2012, the first EP of the band is called “Sing for you” and will soon be sold on

I always feel so privileged to be in the presence of creative talent. Not only is this group a great musical band, the singer, lead guitarist is a composer too!  Yep, and he devotes probably most of his free time to his passion. I should know [rubbing my fingernails on my shoulder and blowing on them, with a bit of pride…I work with this guy!].

So when I say work, I mean Alex works full time on a counselling crisis line for youths besides his creative

Alexandre Lavoie

Alexandre Lavoie Taylor

job. Every day, at each break he wolfs down his meal so he can take advantage of the rest of his spare time to sing, pratise and sing some more in a back room of our counselling centre.  Our clinical manager appreciates his talent and found him a place that does not disturb us while we are working.

But I gotta say, I like to sneak over to a couch that leans against the wall of “that back room” and just relax and unwind listening to that acoustic guitar and strong rich voice…oh yeah, feels nice to unwind like that.

This band plays a mix of so many styles that are true to my heart like folk, bluesy, rock and I guess like most folks, when you aren’t sure you just catagorize that as “alternative”.  They just completed their FIRST CD and this is a BIG DEAL…really!  Each song was created with the passion, talent and tenuous work of this band and especially….Alex!  It IS clear that this is a labour of love.

The thing that struck me last week was just how much all these bands put so much of themselves AND their hard earned money from their “day jobs” to pay to be able to perform at such venues as Café Campus.  My measly $5 cover charge was nothing and since not many peeps showed up in the middle of the week…blame it on winter, University reading week…whatever…these bands still have to cough up several hundreds of dollars and I did NOT see one band member complain…they perform to the little crowd as if we were a thousand groupies and fans cheering them on. What respect they have for an audience just astounds me!!  Really!!

I cant wait to purchase a few CDs of Montreal City Lights and lucky me, I can even get them autographed!!! YAY!!

I am willing to have some friends have a listen to a song or two but NO WAY do I allow them to copy…pirate any music that I purchase.  It stands to reason, that any kind of pirating is not only illegal it is also so friggin unethical…it is pretty darn despicable, I say!  Did you know that Canadians…yep, people known for being so polite and mild mannered…” on a per-person basis, dowloaded nearly two-and-a-half times as many unauthorized songs as Americans in the first half of 2012 (23.95 million in Canada, versis 96.68 in the U.S.).”  Ouch!! Not something to say you are proud to be Canadian, eh?


Is it tempting to download music for free? I suppose it could be because you think no one sees you and you are not hurting anyone…but aren’t you?   It is not any different than photocopying a book (and alas, there are peeps who do this too, I know)…I love to write and I would sure not want peeps copying my stuff…share at will, sure!  But give credit where it is due!

As for artists like Montreal City Lights

Montreal City Lights

Montreal City Lights

and the band I was also swepted away with Bright September   

Bright September check them out

Bright September check them out

…I can think of other bands I enjoy like Free Press in Toronto

  or Take the Boys here in Montreal  and I would never think of copying or downloading their stuff…if everyone does that, how are they able to create more amazing music?

When you are paying your measely $6 or $10 or $20 for a CD…you are just paying for the plastic and the cd…you are not even beginning to cover the cost of the time and time and time they have invested in their passion.  So some of you may say, “So what! It’s not my problem…they like jamming so who cares.”

Well I CARE and you are being selfish and inconsiderate peeps.   Imagine you have saved up for a real nice PS3 or an amazing new home entertainment unit…you have worked your butt off for a year to get these and one night you come home and you ‘ve been robbed!! OMG!! You say, and you feel violated.  Well, that is exactly what  you are doing to these artists every time you are pirating.

If you really can’t afford it…check out websites that let you have a sneak listen or borrow it from your local libarary…no one is asking you to pay pay pay…hey!  I get it!! Just don’t steal cuz that is basically what you’re doing. I hope  you think twice the next time you are tempted.

Go go go Montreal City Lights…the world is your oyster and all those clichés…I feel so proud seeing you guys blossom…I am your new groupie!!

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts