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privilege to help (haibun)

Ste Catherine  Montreal
rue Ste Catherine, Montréal May 1st until September (Labour Day) the part of this street is closed to vehicles…streets lined with pedestrians  and terraces.

In the past two days she had attended a clinical training in downtown Montréal,  to improve in her counselling techniques and brief solution focus approach. It was nice to be with colleagues that she rarely saw all at once due to varied shifts scattered over a 24 hour period. The fun part was eating out together and interesting conversation.  Their hunger to learn is apparent as they want to be the best they can to help youths in need.

embrace their role
puddles of misery
youths reach out


open to change
new options replace stale ways
privilege to witness

© Tournesol ’15

Three Word Wednesday The word in this prompt are: Misery – Privilege – Stale