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traveling with the moon (Troiku)

I had started to research and drafted a post for this prompt but that was two days ago and pfffft, I lost it all.  Returning to the drawing board, I found a poem by Issa Kobayashi who I truly love his work.  His last line in haiku often end with a nice surprise and sometimes with a bit of humour.  I am sharing some of his bio here that I found at the Poetry Foundation:

Kobayashi Issa


Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa, also known as Kobayashi Yataro and Kobayashi Nobuyuki, was born in Kashiwabara, Shinanao province. He eventually took the pen name Issa, which means “cup of tea” or, according to poet Robert Hass, “a single bubble in steeping tea.”

Issa’s father was a farmer. His mother died when he was young, and he was raised by his grandmother. His father remarried, and Issa did not get along well with his stepmother or stepbrother, eventually becoming involved in disputes over his father’s property. When Issa was 14, he left home to study haiku in Edo. He spent years traveling and working until returning to Kashiwabara in the early 1810s. In Kashiwabara, his life was marked by sorrow— the death of his first wife and three children, an unsuccessful second marriage, the burning down of his house, and a third marriage.

Issa’s haiku are as attentive to the small creatures of the world—mosquitoes, bats, cats—as they are tinged with sorrow and an awareness of the nuances of human behavior. In addition to haiku, Issa wrote pieces that intertwined prose and poetry, including Journal of My Father’s Last Days and The Year of My Life.”

The moon in August is sometimes called the Corn Moon or Cold Moon.  Now this time of year when referring to the full moon, however, in Japan, they are referring to the autumn moon or harvest moon which I prefer to write about in September.  I am really not ready to write that much about autumn…yet.

I remember travelling by car or by bus marveling at the full moon. It is sometimes on my left side and then my right side depending where I am driving and how many twists and curves I have taken. But when I am driving home alone late at night, somehow I don’t feel so alone.  It is almost a sordid affair…like the man on the moon is keeping me company and only he and I exist until I get home.

I have chosen this poem by Issa for inspiration:

Under the evening moon
the snail
 is stripped to the waist.

My humble attempt also having fun:

(c) clr 2017

traveling with the moon (Troiku)

under a full moon
midnight rendezvous
skinny dipping

under a full moon
along the lonely highway
I’m not alone

midnight rendezvous
under the willow
stealing their last kiss

skinny dipping
splashing late at night
snoopy neighbour smiles


A Troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chevrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.

This post was written for Suzanne’s On The Road Friday prompt: Travelling with the Moon.


C is for crescent (Blogging from A to Z) haibun

Looking up at the sky she smiles having a sense  the moon is smiling down on her. There is this pull that gravity resists and yet, if only she could, she would fly up above the stars and seek comfort in the arms of that man on the moon.

walks in dark alleys
crescent moon
still, glows on her path

© Tournesol ’16/04/04

Blogging from A to Z


Courting moon (Troiku)

© Clr '15


I stood in awe
watched a work of art
angels created

I stood in awe
only eyes can admire
an artist paint

watched a work of art
pictured brush strokes in the sky
I stood in awe

angels created
arched moon woos
sparkly stars

© Tournesol ’15

TROIKU, is a new form of haiku (an abstract of one of the Carpe Diem Previews) created by Chèvrefeuille.

moon salute (haiga)

Carpe Diem Special Thomas Transtromer

Oak trees and the moon.
Light and mute constellations.
And the frigid sea

© Tomas Tranströmer

© Clr November 2014
© Clr November 2013 to the East

 These two shots were taken on my way to my mother’s place last November. I stopped my car on the highway to take a shot on my left, this is the moon and on my right the sun was setting in splendour…cold evening but stayed out long enough to get a few shots.

Early moon rise
salutes shimmering star 
through naked trees

© Tournesol ’14

© Clr November 2013
© Clr Novmber 2013 to the West

A slight change to place “through” at the last line. Thank you, Kristjaan:) It flows smoothly.

The Almost Full Moon (haiga)

I am a slow learner. I bought my Canon power shot digital camera when my grandson was born almost 10 years ago. I still don’t use it to its fullest capacity. My smart phone, I changed from a Blackberry Torch a year and half ago for a Samsung Note and this week I discovered (yes, I am slow) the various “scene modes” like sunset, dawn, night, candle…sheesh!! all this to say, I am going ballistics taking photos at night…last night was the first time taking pics of the moon hiding behind the clouds, tonight it is almost FULL, June 12th is the actual date.  And as I was crossing the bridge to get home, I got some shots of the river and the moon’s reflection…but could not get both together…the moon was too far up and I was just sitting too close to the river on the bus.  Oh, well. So the photos I am showing are my first night and “moon” shots. They are not perfect but I enjoyed taking them.




Taken Monday night after work, June 9th




The above photo and all the others were taken tonight June 10th, Tuesday. This is on the walk from work to the Métro.



Same walk a few streets away…I took a few other dark streets so I would not have the street lights interfering with the shots. I like this one. It would be a great photo for a short story.


Another one taken tonight.



Now I am on the bus and I was so happy to have a window seat and I was sitting on the right side of the bus to take a few shots over the river. Pretty cool, eh? You can even see the freight bridge in the distance.

Moonlight in the sky
river echoes with moonbeams
Mother Nature shines


© CLR June 9-10 2014

I really love this one although I could not fit in the moon too.  You can actually see a small boat in the distance too. And that reflection, well, I find it pretty darn cool.  Not bad for a smart phone eh?


© Cheryl-Lynn, June 11, 2014