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tears of joy (tanka)


Tanka inspired by Shivangi’s beautiful post which is a collection of nature images and poetry. The Poetry of Earth is Not Dead Yet

© Clr'15
© Clr’15

willows weep with joy
last sights of nature’s beauty
sun dips below
silent nestlings tucked in
robin does her last round

Daily Moments May 31 2016 tears of joy

Mother Earth’s quilt (haiga)

Our host has posted music to inspire us. I don’t know about you but fairies, leprechauns and angels keep fluttering in my mind’s eye.  Perhaps it is the Irish in me for I do love Celtic music and this piece brings me close to my Irish roots on Ballybunion. I am not much of a fairy tale writer as you may have noticed in my other blog I wrote for the Lavender Lady at MLMM prompt. My children told me while they were growing up all the bedtime stories, I invented when tucking them in, were not subtle enough…all had a morale to the tale and they quickly figured it out.  . Well, what do you want with a mom who is a counsellor and family life educator?  But I do remember one tale of the rabbit with those long droopy ears and that extra tall giraffe who were bullied but I digress.

 This music brought me to a whimsical place but not quite lost.  My desk faces a patio window and I see the trees shedding more each day especially with the cold rain in the past three days.  So listening to this beautiful piece of music I can’t help but see fairies working tirelessly adorning warm coverlets before the white duvet that is far from warm, but cold…very cold will cover our earch.

Here is the music our host has posted to inspire us:

Adrian von Ziegler – Sacred Earth

And here is his beautiful haiku:

Mother Earth blossoms
while I dream of unknown paths –
the scent of roses

© Chèvrefeuille

My humble offering I wrote this morning but never had a chance to post because I forgot it on my laptop at home 😦

Autumn Fairies – Mental Mishap Deviant Art

cross-stitch fondly
gold and amber threads,
Mother Earth’s quilt


fairies darn briskly
trimming season’s quilt,
frost’s preamble

© Tournesol ’14

Sacred Earth – Carpe Diem