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pre-dawn delight (haibun)

On my way to work yesterday at 6:30 A.M. I could not help but notice the sky.  Of course it was still dark but my eye was drawn to that gorgeous thin slice of a moon.

Mischievous wink
In the predawn sky
one swift brush stroke

Like a message in a bottle
My precious crescent moon

And then to make the day even more perfect, I see my daughter on the bus with her partner.  Working evenings for the past 10 years, I have missed so much!  What a way to start my day seeing my beautiful princess and my son in law.  That added a little skip and a jump to my  walk from the Métro to the office, alright!

early morning shift
a bounce in each step
a mother’s heart swells

(c) Tournesol ‘2019-12-24


a mother’s pledge troiku


that first cry
newborn suckles on her breast
lifetime commitment

that first cry
life changing
pulls the heartstrings

newborn suckles on her breast
life’s sustenance
body and soul

lifetime commitment
animated and tearful
a mother’s bliss


Haikuhorizons: commit

Daily Moments ~ March 6-16 ~ baby girl blessed (haibun)

She was so blessed. How many people can say they were loved and nurtured by two mothers?  She was born a bit early…just could not wait for spring.  Her mother, Colombe, would visit her family every day off work which was Sunday and Monday.

It was Monday and Colombe felt so much energy that day. She was on pins and needles.  She pushed the sled with her two year old all the way to visit her sister who had just gave birth to her third child, a girl, named Maryline and lived next door to their parents.  Colombe had chosen that same name for her baby if it was a girl so she felt a bit annoyed that she would have to choose another name. Marilyn being the most popular name in the 50’s.

Later at almost one in the morning, Tuesday, March 9th,  Colombe gave birth to a baby girl, in her mother’s bed…


her first cry

safe in both their arms,

baby girl loved

(c) Tournesol ’16-03-06

Daily moments, fleeting thoughts on this Sunday, March 6th 2016

HaikuHorizons “safe”

a mother’s love (haibun)

He was ten years old, who did quite well in school. He was third in his class, captain of his soccer team and the light of his mom’s heart. Right after school he would sometimes pick up a book for persons who were visually impaired, at the local library , for his gran; she was usually chatting with the neighbours downstairs.  He’d hug his grandmother and rush up to the fourth floor to their one bedroom apartment.  His mom and gran shared the bedroom and he slept on the pull-out couch which was fine by him so he felt like the man of the house watching the front door…just in case.

His mother was sitting at the kitchen table with her first cup of black coffee of the day and smoke was  curling from her cigarette up to the ceiling.  He loved her long auburn locks that fell down the middle of her back.  He kissed her on both cheeks and munched on his after school snack, chatting with  her about his day.  She always seemed so interested in every word he said…smiling with her heart-shaped lips.

a mother’s love
stencils her son’s face,
ink of her heart

Someday, he hoped to graduate and get a good job to take care of his family, so his mom wouldn’t have to work at that factory all night long.

a mother’s love
shielding like a lioness
genuine and strong

© Tournesol’16/02/08

Written for: Carpe Diem Special #196 Hamish Gunn’s 2nd “on the street corner”

A mother’s delight (haibun)

When I think of the word “Happiness”my memory captures a moment of delight…bliss, such as the photo of my children together. Whether they are 3 or 33, my heart bursts at the seams when I see them just hanging out.  It is a moment in time, a mother has been blessed seeing the evidence of pure joy…her children.

mother venerates
purity of children
moment of grace

© Tournesol ’15


© Clr'15 Tournesol
© Clr’15 Tournesol


Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Happiness

daisies for life (tanka)

© Clr August 2014

Daisies are my favourite flower for reasons I have shared in the past. I relate to this flower in so many aspects. It is not especially stunning compared to so many other exquisite floras but it is still attractive and strong. Multiple petals show many facets of my personality…and still many to discover over a lifetime.

Sowing more seeds has allowed me to have daisies for life…children and grandchildren and it all starts with that first born. At that time I thought I would never have enough love to spread…I remember how much I loved my godchild before I ever had children and it worried me a bit. “Is it possible to love a child more than that or as much?” I quickly saw that it was certainly possible and when I had my second child, the love was still in abundance as there is more to spare for my grandson. Recently I’ve had two more grandsons added to our family and the heart seems to just swell more and more. How wonderful to see how the Great Spirit created our hearts and souls.

Today we celebrated the birth of my first born…

daisies for life
meadows seasoned with love
birth of a child
mother’s never-ending love
a family is born

© Tournesol ’14/11/07

Diamond Jubilee Medal – Addendum

 image003 (1)

At the reception with all those fancy shmancy people (corporate donors, upper management), regional directors along with  counsellors, colleagues and volunteers, I was feeling pretty calm.  I was allowed a guest, so I had invited a long time, former colleague and friend, Kelly, who I had not seen in years!  I was pleased to have  her “witness” this moment with me. It was also great to have my best friend and colleague, Maria,  receive this honour with me too!  There could not be a more perfect evening than this!…until…

It was especially wonderful getting to talk to a volunteer who also was recipient for this honorable award. How she touched my heart!  Her daughter had been bullied A LOT and she had taken her life!  I felt an imaginary boxing glove sock it to me right in the solar plexus and then tears started filling my eyes. I remember the series of suicides in that area of the country 2+ years ago. It had impacted me the most in my entire career working on this youth line.  What struck me were the stories shared in the media and how I had recognized one youth as a teen to whom I had spoken…I felt so guilty and powerless.

Now here I was facing this amazing woman, grief-stricken mother,  and volunteer who goes to schools to talk about bullying and spread the word to get help and not take your life.  I told her I remember speaking to a girl at that time and how sad I had felt.   She just smiled and tried to comfort ME!  She kept thanking me for doing the wonderful work that we do on this youth line.

This wonderful woman…this amazing soul, mother, angel of grace deserved this medal more than she can ever know!  She has shared her story month after month…she has spread the word that our youth line is an option and she has saved so many youths from taking their lives…so much more than she will ever know.  How fitting that SHE received such an honour…The Great Spirit has created some amazing angels of mercy …Pam, this amazing woman and her daughter, Jenna who continues to be a part of that important message…Don’t ever give up…there is help.

And so when I received this medal, I opened the box and looked at the medal and tears welled up again. I noticed how it resembled my step-father’s medal he received from the army for having fought in World War II.  And I…an ordinary person like me who did nothing extraordinary was holding this medal in my hand now!  How my step-father and Mom would have been proud of me today!

My thoughts went back to Pam and her extraordinary courage for sharing her story with youths day after day despite the pain it must bring to her.  How I feel honoured and thankful to have met this woman. For over 2 years I have carried this guilt and fear whenever I get a similar call nowadays.  I had not realized how much I had been moved by this tragedy.

If it had not been for my having this opportunity to go up to Toronto, thank you Kathy, to receive this medal…thank you Kids Help Phone, I would never had met this outstanding person, Pam…I accept this Diamond Jubilee medal in honour of  your Jenna.  Thank you!


© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, June 6, 2013