Daily Moments   releasing negativity August 28 2017 Haibun

On the drive home she remembered she had purchased an album last month and she connected her Iphone to the car radio all the way home.

lost in thought
half moon hears her chant
purging despair

purity of voice
filling every fibre of her soul


Daily Moments   releasing negativity August 28 2017  Haibun

courting days (troiku)

© OliG'15 (Gaspé - marguerite)

© OliG’15 (Gaspé – marguerite)

hands her a daisy,
blushing, she thanks him,
Oh those courting days!

hands her a daisy,
heart fills with hope
their first kiss…

blushing, she thanks him
roaming the field – leans closer,
her hand feels so soft

Oh those courting days!
arm slides round her tiny waist
head on his shoulder


heat in the streets (haibun)

It is theMontreal International Jazz Festival that is here now with horns blaring, pianos declaring and sexy throaty singers making our hearts melt. At least a dozen stages outdoors setup in the entertainment district…minutes from cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, China Town and the Old Port. Ten marvelous days and nights of singing, dancing, swaying and slow dancing too.

Sax wails in pain
sultry baritone strings
lovers jive

© Tournesol ’15

Emma Frank – In Separation

Montreal International Jazz Festival

Mother Earth’s quilt (haiga)

Our host has posted music to inspire us. I don’t know about you but fairies, leprechauns and angels keep fluttering in my mind’s eye.  Perhaps it is the Irish in me for I do love Celtic music and this piece brings me close to my Irish roots on Ballybunion. I am not much of a fairy tale writer as you may have noticed in my other blog I wrote for the Lavender Lady at MLMM prompt. My children told me while they were growing up all the bedtime stories, I invented when tucking them in, were not subtle enough…all had a morale to the tale and they quickly figured it out.  . Well, what do you want with a mom who is a counsellor and family life educator?  But I do remember one tale of the rabbit with those long droopy ears and that extra tall giraffe who were bullied but I digress.

 This music brought me to a whimsical place but not quite lost.  My desk faces a patio window and I see the trees shedding more each day especially with the cold rain in the past three days.  So listening to this beautiful piece of music I can’t help but see fairies working tirelessly adorning warm coverlets before the white duvet that is far from warm, but cold…very cold will cover our earch.

Here is the music our host has posted to inspire us:

Adrian von Ziegler – Sacred Earth

And here is his beautiful haiku:

Mother Earth blossoms
while I dream of unknown paths –
the scent of roses

© Chèvrefeuille

My humble offering I wrote this morning but never had a chance to post because I forgot it on my laptop at home 😦

cross-stitch fondly
gold and amber threads,
Mother Earth’s quilt


fairies darn briskly
trimming season’s quilt,
frost’s preamble

© Tournesol ’14

Sacred Earth – Carpe Diem

Strawberry (haiga) Carpe Dieme Haiku Kai #501

At Carpe Dieme Haiku Kai, Challenge #501 Strawberry,  Kristjaan has written an extensive post on haiku on strawberry and more importantly on the reference to Strawberry Fields Forever and the Beatles.  Illustrations, music video and ending with a lovely song that we all remember John Lennon singing “Imagine”.  With this theme in mind, here is my humble contribution.


straw hat and sunscreen

squatting under bushes

picking strawberries.

children giggling

sunburned without a care

red smeared faces.


big pot of redness

controlled temperatures making

strawberry jam.

desert delight

angel food cake, whipped cream

fresh picked strawberries.

summer nights

they dance under the stars

sip strawberry wine

© Tournesol’15

Isle d’Orléans – Berry picking


à l’Isle d’Orléans

les corbeilles se replissent

c’est l’temps des fraises

cueillette estival

sous le soleil brulant

fraises juteuses

imagine a world

pure air, open minds

love all around.

imagine a world

communicating love

and peace.


© Tournesol originally written  2014/06/29

Deana Carter – Strawberry Wine

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Now, how come I didn’t think of that?


Now how come I didn`t think of that?

How come I don’t think of listening to my favourite on-line radio station? I am on-line so much with work, with blogging and today I realized when I am home weekends, I often write in silence.  Granted, sometimes I do prefer to shut out any distractions for my thoughts are enough and if I add lyrics and melody, I get overwhelmed and cannot concentrate.  It`s different at work, however. If I am writing a “story to share” or on-line counselling, I may put in my ear buds and listen to music to block out the business and voices heard on crisis call centres.

Today I was chatting with a cyber friend/writer/poet extraordinaire/blogger and sharing how I also love music and how it can impact on my mood. No surprise there, right?  Look at folks who listen to music on the street, on the bus, train and Métro. You see some bobbing their heads, swaying, lip singing, moving their shoulders and walking is sort of cool too.  Oh, Oh, That reminds me!  Have you ever noticed when you are driving in the car especially in the city during a busy time and you are listening to funky music or rock and roll (whatever is your pleasure)?  Observing the pace of some pedestrians seem to match just perfectly the beat of a song you are listening to.  That is so cool!  Haha, it is funny when it is a fast upbeat tune and you see some people pick up their pace to beat the light or of course if you are a Montrealer, well, we just jaywalk…sometimes quickly sometimes not so quickly. If you`re the driver being cut off by a warm body, well, you have to stop…so that may interrupt your music mood for a few seconds. Just crank up the volume and let it go and enjoy the harmony and not your inner frustration…It`s Montreal! deal with it (smiles) it is part of our culture.

I think that is something I may want to work on a bit now…patience and driving. The cyclists especially are out and in the city they usually do not think of motorists, so I need to be mindful of that and pretend I have a twin that is on her bike just as I am leaving for work in my car. Oh, yeah, and leaving a bit earlier may help to avoid that “road rage”. {Gotta work on that one!}

Back to my original question, why didn`t I think of that?  Since I am so often on-line, I must remember to log on to Jango.com  a free radio station that you can add ONLY your music delights, favs and no commercials.  I guess I stopped a few years ago when our agency put in a firewall that blocked that site…but still, I can use it at home…and that is exactly what I am doing now as I write this post. I am listening to Phoebe Snow right now crooning Poetry Man. Now how appropriate is that, that I am ending this with this song playing?   Serendipity? Coincidence? Nah, I’ll leave those questions for another question for Linda Hill`s Stream of consciousness prompts {wink wink}.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/04/26

“This post is part of SoCS: http://lindaghill.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-april-2614/


Phoebe Snow – Poetry Man