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nature’s symphony (Tale & Troiku)

We are asked to form a haibun by adding a haiku to our host’s beautiful narrative; after writing one haiku, the image and moment had more to say so I wrote a troiku instead to be true to the experience I had reading this narrative.  Shall I call this  Tale & Troiku? or Traibun?  Perhaps our host can help me with this for I find myself writing a troiku with a narrative more often than naught.

A walk through the forest on a summer day. Birds are praising their Creator with their fragile voices. A warm breeze caresses the leaves, bringing them to a higher level of consciousness. Their rustling makes you relaxed and one with nature. Far away sounds of traffic making your experience even better. Then you walk onto a bright sunny spot in the heart of the forest, a plain spot of grass mixed with all kinds of colorful (field) flowers and there in the middle of that spot, you find a crystal clear pool with the most beautiful colored water-lilies. As you walk closer to the crystal clear pool you see a pair of deer. “Wow”, you think. “What a surprise”.© Chèvrefeuille


my morning mantra
echoes midst nature’s splendour
a doe beams

my morning mantra
chanting in the forest green
birds accompany

echoes in nature’s spendour
soft ripples on the water
a symphony

a doe beams
genuflects on spindled knees
a tear on my cheek

© Tournesol’16/03/19

Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie


Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves
that flock the trees
parks are mixed
with season’s pics.

Oh dear I’ll soon be late
but this just, cannot wait
Click click,  the yellow leaves
Change is here, I do believe.
I look above, the firmament hue
which forms a splindid backdrop
provides an artist his canvas – blue
Mother nature smiles at her milieu.

Autumn leaves
that flock the trees
parks are mixed
with season`s pics.


© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts,  originally written September 26, 2013

Photo credits: Cheryl-Lynn Roberts 2013