bliss… frozen in time (troibun)


Walking through the thicket, the woman stops a moment to admire wild daisies. It is mid-day and the sun is commanding nature to acquiesce to her splendid rays. Birds perched in the shade of their home are silent as they embrace their afternoon siesta except for a few chirps from fledglings resisting their nap. And then, the concert begins…from tree to tree sopranos tell their story while another group sing the refrain…piercing sounds mesmerize and finally the last of the fledglings give in to their lullaby.

cicadas take centre stage
nature listens

The woman crouches slowly, taking a picture of her subjects; she smiles at the effect the soft wind has on the flowers. It appears the daisies are waving and smiling with their golden centres boasting towards the sun. And then, she freezes…

blue butterfly
perpetual trace
on her cheek

blue butterfly
on tender petals
wings unfold

perpetual trace
sounds of summer
of her youth

on her cheek
fluttering wings,
still caress


At Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, our host and mentor, Chèvrefeuille gives us a spiritual meme where we can choose among four photographs for our inspiration. They are A young mountain monk, Laughter, Time Flies and Tranquility.  The image of a clock depicting how time flies is what inspired my haibun/troibun but more than just time flies…how a split second experience can imprint forever in my mind.  The blue butterfly visited me from April to November, 2015 following the death of my mother December 2014.  I have never seen such a constant presence as this beauty before or after.  I know, deep down, she was helping me in my grief. 


And now the memory of my experience with the blue butterfly brings me such joy…

I feel such laughter in my heart, imagining the daisies also chortling…like the monks in the photo our host has given us.  By the time I had completed the troiku(a new form of haiku created also by Chèvrefeuille), I felt my whole being washed with a sense of tranquilty. So, I suppose I was influenced by all four photos and left with a lingering sense of wellbeing.


Perhaps I was also the young monk from the mountain observing the memories of my youth…my mother and the blue butterfly.

follow the leader (troibun)

Last weekend she spent time in the country at her friends’ home.  They had just received their puppies for breeding and family and friends came over to see the puppies run freely.

Life as it should be
siblings bonding

life as it should be
two sisters and two brothers
running freely

healthy fun
pure and innocent

siblings bonding
as one



30 days of haiga, September 27 at 19 Planets Art Blog, Prompt: directions or maps

heavenly skies (troiku)

© Clr '16

© Clr ’16

day ends
sun dips beyond rippling waves
with grace

day ends
glow of crescent moon
last performance

sun dips beyond rippling waves
gentle journey
reaching eastern seas

with grace
and quiet contemplation
savours nature’s gift


A troiku is a new haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Written for Haiku Horizons “wave”

accept each day as a gift (haibun)

“Not another rainy day!!” Trula stomped her feet and threw herself on the couch and sulked.

Her nana rocked by the window and pointed her finger at her grand-daughter, “Child, you take each day as it comes. You cannot command the universe or turn your back to what the Great Spirit hands you each day. You will regret it some day.”  Holding her wooden beads, she whispered softly to herself but the only audible words were “protect her”.

Trula rolled her eyes and scowled at her nana. Year after year, it was the same thing when it was cloudy, raining, snowing or windy, Trula made a scene and refused to study and as she got older refused doing chores on the farm.

Several years later her nana died, when Trula was twenty-one.  The family buried her on the farm near an old oak tree where Nana used to sit and read for hours and later when her eyes failed her, she would pray and smile up at the sky giving thanks to the Great Spirit for each new day.

A few days after the burial, Trula was planting seeds in the garden and suddenly the sky turned dark.  An odd-looking cloud loomed over her and the wind picked up dramatically. Trula rose her fist to the sky in protest when suddenly she felt her feet lift from the ground and long tendrils pulling at her shoulder and head;  a huge CRACK resonated from the sky muffling the sound of a broken neck.

(c) Brooke Shaden

the universe rules,
appreciate each day
rain or shine

(c) Tournesol ’16-03-19

Photo challenge at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie

blue canvas (haibun)

I have always felt that we start in life being more visual or more auditory  and eventually we become audiovisual.  I found that so interesting with my children. My son started off as auditory and my daughter visual.  And even if we seem to adapt in an audiovisual world, there are traits, I feel that are still predominant.

I did the test for fun and my results were Visual 31, Audio 43 and Kinesthetic 43    I was pleased to see the visual was as high as it was.  In writing haiku, I sometimes struggle to find the words to express what I am seeing for I see with most of my senses.  Watching a sunset seems to lower my heartbeat and yet my heart feels so filled with awe.  Sitting by the river, the sounds of the current, the birds, the rustle of the leaves and seeing the white caps of the rapids can all be captured in one glance.



Walking in the arctic cold last weekend I wanted to see the mountainin Rougemont before the sun set.  I managed to find a trail behind the local library and was able to take only a few photos before the bitter cold made my battery die.

blue canvas
backdrop for hills and orchards
sans red swirls

© Tournesol ’16/02/21