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compassion’s desires (haibun)

To scratch an itch is certainly a need although one may feel wanting, filled with the urge to scratch.  If you’ve ever had chicken pox, measles or hives, you will get my drift here (smiles)  But what changes a want to a need? I am sure the answer is quite subjective as I think of my past desire to meet the famous hugging saint, Amma, (Mata Amritanandamayi) but once I did experience her warm embrace at a retreat, it did change me more than I had ever imagined.

Amma is known for her embrace but also for her compassion and humanitarianism
Amma is known for her embrace but also for her compassion and humanitarianism

wanting heart,
a saint’s embrace kissed my soul
my needs fulfilled

As I ponder on this “needs/wants” discussion, I can’t help but contemplate on Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. Love being the basic need to survive and thrive.

We also hear that there is no greater love than love for self. I find I love myself more and more when I love others, when I can help others. There must be some meaning in this for look at anyone in the world who lives a life of serving. I am far from such a person, being still selfish in many ways and content with my North American comforts. But look around at anyone who you’ve seen helping others. The smile of compassion and satisfaction is ever present on their faces.  The image of Amma comes to mind again when I see her smiling at her devotees, even after sixteen hours in a crowded room.

compassion’s longings
serving yields such precious gems
intrinsic needs met

© Tournesol ’16/01/08

Written for Challenge for growth prompts: Needs vs wants at LivingLearningandLettingGo