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Happy New Year 2017

This is the time when one thinks back on the year that has just passed. For some they may feel they have barely survived this past year, having struggled through many difficult passages and obstacles.

For others it feels like a chore mixed with very brief moments of light to make them smile. Perhaps it is the giggle of their child, or watching an old lady with a hunch back hanging onto the arm of an old man with a cane…watching them shuffle in the mall together, giving them hope.

Some have had a year filled with pleasant surprises…a child has learned to walk, another has made his first goal, a daughter copies you when you put on your make up and whispers in the mirror next to you, “I want to be beautiful just like Mommy!”

Teenagers are faced with a rollercoaster of life mixed with raging hormones and still have to try and concentrate in high school! Imagine a woman in menopause or a man in mid-life crisis trying to learn new things and cope with an ever-changing body! Now add to that, personal strife and home
life that can, for some, be challenging!

There are children and youths of all ages as well as adults who may be passing through difficult times before walking into the realm of a new year; they may be missing a loved one…a sibling, a parent, a grandparent or a spouse either through death, separation or moving far far away. One cannot shake off the grief, the loss and pained memories of this loved one. And one doesn’t! His or her memory walks along with them, stepping into the new year. That person is smiling and laughing when they are happy and weeping when they are sobbing.

Some may find solace in a higher power and an afterlife that comforts them, thinking angels and the Great Spirit have welcomed a new member into their paradise. Others are lost and confused and are not too sure, yet, the memories still hold strong and carry one over to the next day and so on and so forth, day after day, month after month.

sting of loss and regrets
untold narratives

Time is often their sole consolation. In time the sting lessens, but the memories of “what was” still keep them company and warm through the cold winter months of January and February. The blossoms, however, are also figments of these memories in springtime turning into new promises. Hang on to some of those memories that soothe you and let the March winds eventually take away any disappointments.

Perhaps someone has promised to be there for them and “life” got in the way, leaving them bereft and empty but mostly disappointed and alone. That may also be an opportunity to depend on one’s own strengths and reach out to different acquaintances, slowly turning them into real friends.

Relationships change as one grows just as their needs do. As a single person, their perception of the world is so very different. As a couple it shifts and blends and as a parent it opens up to a whole different world…someone else matters just as much as they do! One now focuses not only on their individual needs but more importantly on the wellbeing and happiness of their children who are a part of them. Children help them open their eyes to another sphere. Children allow them to grow and open their hearts to “others”. Let’s face it! It is rewarding to give, is it not? And through some of these challenges in life, one also learns to look beyond the people who have received from you and find comfort when someone “new” gives to them…take it, for this is also blessing that person’s need to give.

Change is the only thing one can truly count on in life and with it comes other kinds of losses. It could be the end of a career, a promotion, the end of a relationship or moving to a new home or city. Despite the positive and wonderful aspects of any change, there is still a letting go of a life that was. Embrace it, look at it and only then can you adjust and welcome these new life changes.

untold narratives
lost in the wind
locked in the heavens
angles singing ballads

Wishing you hope, faith and peace in the new year for you and yours.

© Tournesol’17/01/01

Daily Moments 17/01/01 – Change – entering the New Year 2017

first light (troiku – daily moments)

© Clr '16
© Clr ’16

first light
golden glow awakens
birth of a day

first light
morning feed starts the day,
newborn cries

golden glow awakens
icicles spark wanting hearts
hope’s desires

birth of a day
filled with promise
new beginnings

© Tournesol ’16/01/02

Daily Moments 

Carpe Diem #888 Hatsuhikari (first light of the sun

Happy New Year (haibun – daily moments – haiga)

© Clr '16
© Clr ’16

Happy New Year !  I sit here, thinking of the possibilities of this year and hope I can fill at least a tiny part of these inspired opportunities I do have.

We are well into three hours of 2016 and I am high on life, my beliefs and my hopes.  I just finished watching Patch Adams and Robin Williams made me laugh out loud and weep with happiness at the compassion he shows to patients.  The only bad words in the entire movie for me was “transference” and “class above patients”.  Yes, well, this movie just confirmed what I have felt, lived and believed most of my career in the helping profession.  Oh, I know I am not a medical expert but the message in this film goes beyond that.   I am not an expert, people who come  for support are the experts and I simply try to help them recognize that.

This film renewed my faith in my goal in life. To strive for compassion even when things look bleak for me, to not judge, and to expect nothing more than a will to try to to remember the times I have been low on life and simply show empathy.  We’ve all been there.    Sometimes the only thing we can say is, “Man that sucks! I’m sorry you are going through that.”

I don’t believe in making a list of resolutions for the New Year because that just leads to causing stress and fear of not succeeding. The only resolve I do want to carry over every year is to strive to be the best person I can be, forgive myself when I slip up and keep my heart open at all times even if it hurts sometimes.  The benefits are worth the pain.

This past year was a year of healing and I don’t think I would have managed as well (with my sanity) without your support and encouragement. Bless you and thank you.

Writing here in this amazing community at WordPress has enabled me to grow in my writing…I have learned through your comments and through your creative gems you have shared here.

Onward to 2016 with as much inspiration and soulful promise in writing and sharing.


a brand new year
fresh snow glistens
snowflake on my cheek

© Tournesol ’16/01/01

Nouvel an – Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – octobre 2015 (haibun)

© Clr '15
© Clr ’15

Carpe Diem is more than just  a website or a daily writing prompt…it is a way of life with a mentor who patiently guides us with many  seasoned members who also generously share their gift.   I can feel the family connection and encouragement among members.   I learned so much from these  experienced siblings.

But this past year,  has been a place that lifted me when I felt down, allowed me to write through my grief when my mom passed and enabled me to find my voice and my place. Happy New Year, Chèvrefeuille  and Haijins!

un nouvel an
semant nos graines d’inspirations
une récolte familiale

a new year
  sowing seeds of inspiration
a family harvest

© Tournesol ‘15

CDHK New Year

Here is a Thank you I wrote last week. Merci Chèvrefeuille

 My thanks to our mentor, Chèvrefeuille, who shares his passion and thoughtfully teaches us more than words, daily.

haiku lover
shares his passion, teaching
one moment comes to life
seventeen syllables

© Tournesol’15