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soupçon de mélancholie (haibun)



It’s been getting colder in the past week. Nights have dipped below freezing point and she has mixed feelings about that.  Ragweed allergies will finally cease;  daytime walks are still splattered with colours but the nights walking home from her late shifts will now be cold.

On her way back from her favourite grocery, Thai Foo, greens in her backpack,  she cannot not help but notice sweeping changes with nature around her.  Many trees have lost most of their leaves, and the late bloomers who also shed the latest, still hold some beautiful colours.  The yellow turned to a dark orangey tint, the maples were an even brighter red and one tree she could not name had yellowed leaves with dark brown strips of seeds hanging.  It truly looked like a Hallowe’en decoration. How totally apropos, she thought.

© Clr,15
© Clr,15

She knew there was about a  week left of signs of life through tints and hues.  After October 31st…the goblins will have eaten up most of life’s colours. November will prowl like rodents lurking garbage bins; life will appear barren  day by day.  She admires the last photos she took today, wishing this week could drag on a few more months.  Le mois des morts(the month of the dead)  is what they call November in her region.

novembre se faufile
soupçon de mélancolie

November slips in
drop of melancholy
spills over

© Clr'15
© Clr’15

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