tonnerre du midi (haibun)

Elle est surprise aux premiers sons du tonnerre; regardant par la fenêtre elle voie la pluie qui précipite.  Le tonnerre continue à menacer possiblement une autre panne d’électricité; elle place la bouilloire sur le feu … au moins il y aura du thé à siroter. En attendant, elle prend sa plume et écrit un mot ou deux avant la tombée du jour.

son de tambour avertit
ciel abandonnent
pluie battante

pluie battante
amants exaucent moments perdus
midi sieste

les étourneaux cherchent refuge
pleurnichant collectif des oisillons
terre engloutit l’excès

chemins immergés
L’Enfant s’arrose en rigolant
oisillons espèrent

terre , porte-ouverte
danse des vers sous la pluie
mère étourneau patiente

© Tournesol ’15

Horizon interval (haibun)


© clr 2014

© clr 2014


what beauty above

artist paints the horizon


Working in the helping profession can be challenging but it is an extremely validating career.  To listen to someone who has no where else to turn, no one else to trust and bravely dials an anonymous help line is liberating and at times, life saving.  I am fortunate to work for such a great organization that offers so much hope to youths and young adults.

A counsellor has to practice self-care to avoid compassionate fatigue.  That entails taking time off work periodically, spending time with family, friends and mostly finding activities to unwind and experience joy. Life is not all about pain and sadness but when you work in a field where you are facing darkness in the eye too often, it is easy to distort life’s reality.

But what must one do in between those “times off”?  Some watch comedy clips on-line, read a good suspense thriller allows the mind to tune out real quick, go for a walk on the streets of Montreal, talk to a colleague, sit in a park for half an hour, journal, write and some take the elevator in our building to go  up to the roof and just breath in the crescendo of colours created by the Great Spirit.

I often hurry up there when I take a sneak peek while on a phone call and see through the window the sun starting its performance and I rush upstairs to witness the concert playing out along the horizon.


© CLR 2014

© CLR 2014


quelle vision là-haut

l’artiste peint l’horizon

gouache coloré

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/06/13

 Submission for: Carpe Diem #491 Horizon