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mama says (haiku ~ troiku)

mama says
don’t talk with your mouth full
mind your manners

mind your manners
opening the passenger door
for his new bride



tossing and turning
robbed of sweet slumber
out of mind

tossing and turning
thoughts of too many should’s
prisoner of self-doubts

robbed of sweet slumber
counting ten thousand sheep
all night long

out of mind
lovers’ broken hearts
out of sight heals

breathe in awareness
breathe out mindless chatter
mindfulness frees

(c) Tournesol’16-03-18

Haikuhorizons – prompt is “mind”

Don’t you feel sad?

Since last December I have had many class interviews on the phone students about the work I do, working on a youth help line. One question that came out often, just warmed my heart. The fact that these youths were concerned about me!  So when I saw this prompt to write a poem and start it with a question, this came to mind.



Don’t you feel sad when you go home at night
listening to unhappy stories about this or that?

Why I guess sometimes I do feel sad alright!
That is really sweet of you to ask me that.

Do you cry sometimes?

Why yes, I may feel a tear
run down my cheek
from time to time.

So how do you feel better?

I think you are wondering
how I practice self-care.
I am very much aware
I need to be mindful
of my feelings as well
or else I would not be capable
working here as long as I’ve been able.
I talk to my supervisor
some of the time
or a counsellor friend,
they always will lend
a good listening ear
so I can continue working
day after day right here.
I walk a lot, write a lot too
I read for distraction
and love comedy shows
like The Big Bank Theory
gets me laughing quite loudly.
There is always a counsellor
or manager available
to allow me to debrief
which is a great relief!
Thank you so very much
for asking and caring such!

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/05/10

Submittted for: PookyDailyPoetryPrompt # 9 Open with a Question

Older and bolder

Artist: Patricia Ariel


As a teen she felt insecure, shamed
she simply wanted to hide away
felt undressed with eyes, defamed,
made her feel on public display;
passing construction sites
the worst of all transgression
feeling eyes taking wee bites
of her dignity, her self assertion.

And then she grew so much older
could finally saunter down a street
head up high and feeling bolder
no comments heard, indiscreet
suddenly she had become invisible,
walked in stores, not even noticeable
sales clerks gazed above her head
wishing to cater to a younger set
20 and 30 something adults instead.

travelling on busses and subways
she disappeared in so many ways
youths with their real smart phones
ears plugged, heeding their drones
mostly self-absorbed with conceit
rarely considering to give up their seat
she had become invisible…and yet
she saw the hunched backed person
mounting the steps with a cane,
a man struggling to breathe in vain,
a woman with child still in her belly
who could miss a thing of such beauty?
they too had all become invisible
how come she could still see these people?
offering her seat, was the only suitable
and proper thing to do…

Getting older gives her freedom
no longer fraught, not even a tussle.
by salespersons or deviant men
she walks anywhere without a hassle.

It can be trying in eateries
when waiters just ignore
older women frequently
assuming this group of females
will seldom produce a nice gratuity
ah yes, that rule may be unspoken
they cater more to men of all ages
presuming they will get a better token.

How very rude and pejorative
to hold on views so negative!
but as long as older women stay invisible
they may as well make their tips miniscule. {grins}

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/03/01

A fun prompt at DversePoets, Poetics Invisibility  

Variations of creation

Nunavik Tourism

The budding flower come springtime
the eggs we eat every day
larvae, maggots may look like slime
all have their place in their own way
the pupa, fawn, owlet and nymph
all mark the start of vital roles
we know not all to what their goals;
the pup, the calf, kits and tadpoles
the fry, the kid, and joey`s start
in life they ask but just to thrive…
slow motion of the caterpillar
observing magic in the making
those of our great divine creator,
turning this worm into a butterfly,
a mystery, we just not ask why,
lending regard fittingly due
of God`s creation every day.
Do not compare or denigrate
stick out  your chest with false bravado
sneer not at fawn, piglet or farrow
assuming they`re subordinate;
the colt, lamb, eaglet and tumbler
all have their place among the ether;
I could go on and on this way
but know you haven`t got all day.
Presuming all of God`s creations
and every living breathing thing
’tis not just babes of human beings
worthy of ripples in exaltation,
we all are part of God`s creation
much bigger than we`ll ever know.
mere spec of some greater foundation
we`ll never see until we go
to parts unknown to feeble minds
yet some have witnessed a shining glow
before departing this earth in kind…
white radiant glow that they have seen
and smiled before their souls took flight
I know! I saw Grand-Papa smile
and whispered he had seen the light.
Creation here on earth is slight
of greater magnitude thereof
some day we`ll know but until then
we`ll try to figure out the night
celestial skies that sparkle bright.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, 2014/02/18

Poetry Prompt #011 Creation