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daily moments – dancing (haibun) december 27 2016

I did not realize they had R & B in the 13th century when Rumi said, “Dancing is not just getting up painlessly, like a leaf blown on the wind; dancing is when you tear your heart out and rise out of your body to hang suspended between the worlds.”

Is that an out of body experience? When the music touches your soul and allows you to forget any body movements or awkwardness that is when you are totally connected to the music as it was intended by the composer.

Years ago, I went to a blues club and listened to this live band. The music was so good, I could not help but get up from my table and start moving to the music. My date was a bit uncomfortable but wanted to be a gentleman and not let me dance alone since there was no dance floor at this place. So he started dancing with me. At the break, the singer of the band came to sit with us. He looked at me and said point blank, “You are not from Toronto” which was where this club was. He said it was the nicest compliment to musicians when people cannot help but get up and dance to the music they are playing. I had not been out to bars much but the few places I had been in Montreal and our Jazz festival with music in the street…people just dance when the music moves them.

I remember another time my partner at the time told me when I was dancing to soul music, that he felt I was in another world, “It’s as if you don’t even know that I`m here.”  He appeared disappointed that the music took hold of me and away from him. Unfortunately, I don’t think he actually “heard” the same music I did.

Listening to good music especially R & B and just sitting down to listen feels so constricted…almost like we are being punished by teasing us with the melodies and we are confined to our seats. It is like having an itch and you are not allowed to scratch it. What do you do when you hear music that truly moves you?

eyes closed
swaying to the beat
out of body
dancing freely like a child
the spirit moves


Daily Moments – dancing (haibun)