night rain (troiku)




the sound of rain
drumming against the window
lovers’ serenade

the sound of rain
in the night
muffling their moans

drumming against the window
keeping in time
with their heartbeats

lovers’ serenade
tangle of limbs


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – The Sound of Rain

cleansing rain (haibun)



Walking home from work,  she sometimes feels the pain of many weigh on her. Shuffling home with heavy foot, tears run down her cheeks.

clinging to her shadow
rain washed it away

rain washed it away
leaving just one
tear on her cheek


Haiku Horizons: Rain

young love (tanka)

(c) Clr’16


running through puddles
midsummer rain
laughing like young children
hands her a scented flower
raindrops on rose blushed petals

(c) Tournesol’16

Secret Keeper Prompts 5 words: YOUNG RAIN LAUGH ROSE HAND 

Feeling a bit constrained to keep those 5 words in my poem, here are two other poems inspired by this flower:


splashing in puddles
feel so alive and young
laughing at life
hands her a gem flecked flower
curve of her rose tinted lips


raindrops on petals
midsummer rain
nature’s perfect gems


summer fun (haiku)

Inspired by Patricia Donegan’s haiku:

As rain drops diminish
I hear the tapping
of the monk’s wooden bell. © Patricia Donegan

after the downpour
swallows bathe in pools
of rainwater


the cypress tree & I
lean into the wind. © Patricia Donegan

sailboat hastens
tall white sail tautens
wind at her back



moody mother (troibun ~ haiga)

Well, what will it be today…weather forecasters are like gamblers, never really knowing what to predict…wind, cold but the test is who will foresee kinds of precipitations these days… She prepares her bag before going to work adding safety measures to be able to challenge the moods of Mother Nature.



spring elements
white powdered footpaths

spring elements
moments of gusty winds
streams of golden rays

white powdered footpaths
clings to the past in silence
no one’s listening

cruel and vindictive
like a scorned lover

© Tournesol ’16/03/24

Daily Moments ~ March 24  2016 ~Moody Mother  (Troibun)

Midsummer rain (haibun)

© Clr `15

© Clr `15

Startled at the first crashing sounds, she glances out the window looking at  the hurried rain falling.  Thunder continues to threaten perhaps another power outag; she places the kettle on the stove…at least there will be tea to sip. Until then, she takes her pen to scratch a word or two before the darkness falls.

drum rolls warn
skies give way
pouring rain

pouring rain
lovers squeeze precious moments
midday nap

starlings seek shelter
nestlings whine in union
earth gulps excess

sodden paths
giggling child splashes
nestlings hope

earth’s open house
worms’ midsummer dance
starling’s patient perch

© Tournesol ’15

I was pleased to see the prompt at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, “Midday nap” seeming just perfect to slip in one more stanza so fitting with this midday rain.

in gratitude (haiga)

summer bracken
the shape of the spots
on the resting fawn

wild rivers
the joy unfurls
in ferns
© Jane Reichhold

Photo credits: Taken from

Photo credits: Tropical Collection – Denver Botanic Gardens

gift of rain
 liberated leaves peacock
waving grace

© Tournesol`15

fragile beauty
through leaves of ferns
I see the sun

© Chèvrefeuille

torn ferns
I use their leaves like a fan
Ah! that coolness

© Chèvrefeuille