After the rain (troiku)

after the rain
running and skipping
on the wet ground

after the rain
birds know the meaning
pot holes are baths

running and skipping
dreams of a rainbow –then,
cries with delight

on the wet ground
steps on his image – splash!
puzzled raised head


What a delight finding this opportunity writing to not just one, nor two but three prompts today!
The Secret Keeper with these 5 words: MEANING | RAISE | CRY | DREAM | GROUND
Haiku Horizons with “puzzle”
And a new meme I discovered today, Tuesday at Ten with the word “Step”

Troiku is a new form of Haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Diem where you are welcome to write to his daily meme.

tagging rainbows (haiga – haibun)

It was an amazing weekend, filled with songs and love. She was returning from her retreat and sat on the top deck of the bus right in front. She was in the perfect place to take photos of the sky changing from sunlight to sundown. The clouds were getting darker and the bus heading towards the rain and then she saw a miracle and continued chasing nature’s wonder.


road trip
bursts of pastels play tag
chasing rainbows

© Tournesol ’15