…Mom (tanka)

se souvenir
ce rire contagieux
parfum de Givenchy
pincement passionné des joues
chuchoter, “Je t’aime ma chérie”

Mom June 22, 1926-Dec 2, 2014

that infectious laugh
scent of Givenchy
passionately pinching cheeks
whispering, “Love you darling”

© Tournesol ‘21/05/10/09

remembering when (troibun)


When she thinks of beach, today, memories of long ago walking along a sandy beach in Maine resurfaces. It was dusk…the tide was up, so she, her family and friends could not walk on the wet sand like they did in the afternoon. She was only eleven; he was fifteen. But they were almost the same height. He may have thought she was more mature in “that sense”.
The wind picked up as they stared out onto the ocean; they walked slightly away from the family both quiet in thought, as if they were in different worlds. She was so young and naïve, he was a romantic and a vibrant adolescent. He was so handsome, she remembers, and spoke little English. For some reason, his words in French were so poetic.


high tide waves
impressive yet cold
bare foot in the sand

high tide waves
bold and calculating
startling splash rouses

impressive yet cold
warmth of his hand rubs gently
on innocent hand

bare foot in the sand
watching life go by in the sea
dreaming different tales

She remembers the softness of his the back of hand gently stoking her hand. It felt so natural like holding hands with her sister or her best friend…comforting, endearing. Thinking about this in her tent that night, she wondered if he felt something different than she…after all he was so much older than she. That summer of 1963 where innocence is still a nice safe place to be.


Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai : Beach



Daily Moments March 13/16 ~ reminiscing (haibun)

The past whispers as she honours her sibling’s birthday;  sitting by the water she inhales a hope for  spring despite the ice covered lake. She feels her mother’s presence and together,  they bathe in sun’s glory.  She remembers how her uncle enjoyed ice fishing too, in those little cabins spread out on the lake. Ah those brave souls… fishing was only part of the experience, he used to tell her. That was not that long ago it seems. How important it is to embrace precious moments that become treasures stored for later.

© Clr'16 Brome Lake, Photo Credits: Karen D.

© Clr’16
Brome Lake, Photo Credits: Karen D.

squinting at the sun,
gems bouncing off the snow,
memoirs of times passed

© Tournesol’16/03/13

Daily Moments March 13/16 ~ remininscing (haibun)