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autumn bliss (tan renga)

Today our host and mentor  at CarpeDiemHaikuKai invites us to take part in a renga party.

Chevrefeuille says: “ I love to use, was written in Autumn 1689. The title for this renga is: “best for seeing the moon”. As the title of this renga tells us the haiku is a real autumn verse. As you (maybe) know the moon is a seasonword for autumn. In Japan they find the moon of autumn the most beautiful and there are lot of haiku written with the autumn moon. The moon was (and is still) a seasonword for autumn. In my country, The Netherlands, poets find the moon of winter the most beautiful. Maybe that’s true, but as a haiku poet I find the moon of autumn the most beautiful and spectacular. Why? I can’t say why it’s a feeling. Maybe it’s because of my interest in the classical haiku, maybe it’s because the Japanese haiku poets have written such beautiful haiku about the autumn moon.

Here is the haiku, the hokku of this renga party, by Basho:”

let’s visit the places
best for seeing the moon
sleeping on a journey
©Matsuo Basho

dreaming of yesteryear
that last September kiss

soft lips
pressing urgently
leaf on her shoulder


Related image
© https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-illustration-man-woman-front-full-moon-silhouette-lying-grass-image59924013


Winter fairyland (Chained Renga)

© Clr '14-12-11
© Clr ’14-12-11

Eyes to the sky
snowflake blinds me
can’t help but smile

first snowstorm begins softly
showering for two days

cars skidding
drivers honk
impatience reigns

watching through the bay window
sighing with relief

no place to go but sit tight
admiring the snow falling

on snow filled sidewalks
climbing over snowbanks

cars stuck in knee high snow
cycles lost in powdered frost

ornate trees
winter fairyland parks, decked
in white coverlets

eyes fixed on blinding snow
recalling childhood winters.

© Clr '14-12-11
© Clr ’14-12-11

© Tournesol ’14

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