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Father`s Day, this June 18, 2017

me as a childHe crawled on his hands and knees and made me laugh; he tickled me until my tummy muscles hurt; he took me on car rides in wooded areas…just he, me and

©clr`17 GrandPapa

my sister.  He played the mean old man just for fun so he could quickly turn into my saviour and took me in his arms to rescue me. He was my saint and still is my saint to whom I pray when I feel frightened and vulnerable…Merci, Grand-Papa! You also passed Father’s Day weekend, giving me, every year, time to truly thank you for being in my life.

He pushed me and encouraged me and instilled determination and hard work. He believed in me and knew I was smart and could do better. He wanted more than me sometimes and yet, he made me see my potential. He was fond of me and even named his daughter after me. Thank you Mr. Lagacé, for being a teacher who saw more in me than I could fathom…I succeeded despite many obstacles…I DID it and you planted the seed.


He looks upon me with pride; the love he feels is overwhelming. He’s gentle; he’s funny and makes me feel so special. I even feel a bit possessive with he has girlfriends and wonder if I will lose my place…he protected me from wolves and walked me down the aisle as my “dad” at my wedding.  He will always be a Dad to me.  Bonne Fête des Pères, Bernie.


How I loved my Fridays after school!  I’d go with Jane and have supper with her family.  If I was late or did not go, he would say,”Where is Lynn?  It’s Friday!”  He taught me to be proud of my slender (lanky to me silhouette); He convinced me to stop nail-biting so I could one day show off my engagement ring on my finger. (That actually worked at the young age of 13!) He counted me as one of his daughters…for a night or two or three sometimes…Thank you,  Mr. Wilkins for making me feel special.

©Clr;17 Mom & Fred

He took me for my first drink after winning a college scholarship at 17 years old. He stood by Mom when I walked down the aisle, with pride. He paced the floors for hours when I was in labour…he was always there…Thank you Fred for making Mom feel so loved and for being a Dad to me. You left us June 18th and making this year even more memorable, on Father’s Day.   I love  you and still miss you, Fred.


©Clr`17 Uncle Fred and Ma Tante Mae

It took me 45 years to feel that specialness a “Dad” can bestow on an older daughter.  Remember those teenage years and young adulthood when you were in love?  Remember when your father wanted to “check him out” to make sure your heart would not be broken.  Well,  I was a late bloomer!  I remember when I lived with my aunt and uncle and sometimes I would hang up the phone and say, “Oh, gee I have a date. What am I going to wear?” He would smile and sit on the couch with his lovely mate  (Ma Tante Mae) who was as excited as me.  The fashion show would commence and he’d look, smile and sometimes raise an eyebrow.  The raised eyebrow was probably a more sexy outfit 😉  He would tell me discreetly, “Be careful not to fall head over heels too quickly and get hurt.”  To which I would say, “I may need  your shoulder to cry on if that happens.” And I did and he was there. Thank you Uncle Fred for being such a cool and understanding dad!

And Dad,  no matter how distant our relations were over the years, I still remember how special I felt if you would “Wink”  or say, “How’s it going,  Kiddo?” and my heart would melt.  I know you were always proud of us and in those last few years you mellowed and you let me see a softer side of you. I love you, Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to fathers world wide and for those special men who really make a difference with their selfless love.


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©Cheryl-Lynn ’17

Cycling rant:(

Okay, time to write a RANT about cyclists.  This is NOT addressed to courteous cyclists.   And yes I realize the cyclists have to be doubly careful on the city streets…{all the more reason to wear a helmet and have a BELL on your bike}.  It could actually save YOUR life and the other pedestrian too!! 

I realize some people will be offended by this rant…but hey, if the shoe don’t fit…stop fretting!! and if it does fit…!

All we need to do is co-operate more, folks!!! 

Respect – co-operate – Respect!

I won’t even go as far to say that cyclists are the “silent killers” as a local politician in Australia said.


This rant is not addressed to youths either,  who do tend to forget…I totally understand that.

But it IS addressed to SOME cyclists who are adults, especially in big cities who have no care BUT for themselves.  The ones who do NOT have cars or drive on regular basis are probably the worse because they don’t always see what it is like on the other side…there still are some drivers who are scared silly to hit a cyclist…some of us drivers who actually care.

To these cyclists, I ask? Why do I HAVE to always  do a 360 degree take with my poor sore head/neck?  I feel like the girl in the Exorcist every time I drive in Montreal or Toronto but Montreal is MUCH WORSE and I have to admit that “some” Toronto drivers are NOT courteous with cyclists…not at all…That’s why I always wore a helmet in Toronto and did add a bell to my bike.

To the cyclist who may say, “Hey, I rang my bell but the pedestrian could not hear with their ear buds in.”   I say “If the pedestrian was walking on a green light or crossing a street where there is a STOP sign or at a  CROSS WALK…why didn’t you stop?”

All we need to do is co-operate more, folks!!! 

Respect – co-operate – Respect!

As a pedestrian, I also have a beef…yep, I am on a roll now!!   Many cyclists complain that cars are not careful and are rude and cut them off, sometimes literally drive them off the road…I get that and I agree that we should shoot the driver!!…some drivers are morons too!!

But I also hear cyclists say that they have every right on the road just like a car. Okay, FINE, then MAKE YOUR STOPS AT THE RED LIGHTS MORONS!!  At the stop signs AT LEAST SLOW DOWN and if you are going to ride through GET A F%#@!~/G BELL ON YOUR BIKE TO WARN THE POOR PEDESTRIAN YOU ALMOST  RAN OVER!!!

As a pedestrian, when I cross at a GREEN light I still check on both sides in case a car decides to own the road no matter what…after all, we are in Quebec and we do have a reputation to drive recklessly …but I don’t always see the bike down the street…you are so much smaller and pardon me, but  I AM CROSSING AT A GREEN LIGHT!!…
Today I was driving to work and 3 young women were riding their bikes 3 by 3…yuppers THREE by THREE!  We are in a big city but hey, these cyclists have decided that the streets belong to them. I had to drive very slowly, wait until there was no longer an ongoing car on my left and made a huge swerve…Did the cyclists take the Hint?  Nope!  Worse yet, at a cross walk, an elderly woman was trying to cross…I am stopped to let her go by and the cyclists just whiz by…the lady had to stop in the middle of the street …WAY TO GO LOVELY LADIES!!…someday you will be old and this will happen to you too…KARMA …AWWWWW it is my only revenge…

End of rant…CL