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Pearly grey isn’t so bad (haibun)

Things rarely turn out as I imagine. This is sometimes best for what joy, discoveries and excitement would I find if my life was all mapped out. I’d be like a peg on a wall map. My need to control would actually make me a slave of my making. Do I get disappointed with the outcomes of life’s events? Of course I do many times. The heartaches, the disappointments and the self-degradation are part of life and in some ways who I am. I am a product of my past and life experiences. How I make of it, is still my choice. We always have choices…not always in abundance. I may have to choose for a pearly grey from a drab grey but still, I have a choice. And with the darkness of despair how else would I be blinded by the beauty of the glowing stars as well as golden sun? If I have doubts about love and being loved, I meet exuberance when I am embraced by those who do love me. It may come from someone I have not been waiting and then that makes it a double bonus cherished and forever imprinted on my heart.

I am a daydreamer by day and by night. Many times I cannot tell where a dream started or where a fantasy ended. And is that important? When life takes too long to show its glowing stars, I escape into stories I devour for days and days. And more recently, I dip into my consciousness and write what transpires from many escapades in delusions and fantasies, me, myself my muse and I.

© Clr ’14

 skies weep,
autumn showers
paths shimmer

© Clr ’14

on golden leaves
hold me hostage

autumn wins

tints compete
greys lose race,
autumn scoffs

mediocre mouse
corn field plays
dreaming on canvas
beauty penned at night

 © Tournesol ’14

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Mirror (haiga)

(c) Clr ’14 Looking in the Mirror


I can see me smiling
mirrored in their face


curse or G-d’s joke
reflection says I am so old
ignores inner child

(c) Tournesol

Originally Posted by Cheryl-Lynn Roberts ’14/08/17 at Tournesol dans un jardin

Carpe Diem Family Shadow #6 “Mirror”