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weather shifts (troiku & senyru)

Photo credits: Rick Clampini'16
Photo credits: Rick Clampini’16

temperatures shift
sitting on a bed leaves
first snowflakes

temperatures shift
wind blowing fiercely
scarf on a branch

sitting on a bed of leaves
jack-o-lantern treat
squirrel prefers tricks

first snowflakes
flutter ever softly
on running noses


autumn weather shifts
laying on leafed bedding
snowflakes on their tongues


Written for Haiku Horizons “shift”

Daily Moments October 24, 2016 Weather shifts

season’s greetings (haibun)

© Clr '15
© Clr ’15

In late November and December,  it is never a surprise to see snow here in southern Québec. She even remembers walking with the children trick or treating October 31st on snow covered streets. Autumn has such vibrant colours but once the leaves have fallen, it looks like the death of an era. November’s doom and melancholy often sets in for many people.

Although she cringes of the winter’s biting cold weather, shortening her long walks and forcing her to stay in,  it is often a blessing…a relief to see the brightness of the snow covered land, carpeted with hope of better days ahead, escaping finally the bareness of late autumn.

Yes, one cannot help but feel excitement and joy especially after that first snowfall.  It seems to awaken the child within.

season’s interlude
frost tipped trees and frozen land
biting autumn winds
snow covered parks
winter wonderland


spring’s promise (haibun) Carpe Diem + NaPoWriMo Day 9 2016

Vancouver, BC – TravelandEscape.ca Best places to Celebrate Cherry Blossoms

Ah the freshness of rebirth in Spring weather and she dreams of blossoms in April and Stanley Park in Vancouver.

budding promise
on the Pacific coast
cherry trees sway

Yet east of the country in Québec weather has its highs and lows…white as it may be, fluffy and unique in each detail, these snowflakes but still, SNOW is a four letter word!


green patches waiting
snow delays,
for dandelions

(c) Tournesol’16-04-09

Carpe Diem: Blossoms

NaPoWriMo – Day 9 

moody mother (troibun ~ haiga)

Well, what will it be today…weather forecasters are like gamblers, never really knowing what to predict…wind, cold but the test is who will foresee kinds of precipitations these days… She prepares her bag before going to work adding safety measures to be able to challenge the moods of Mother Nature.



spring elements
white powdered footpaths

spring elements
moments of gusty winds
streams of golden rays

white powdered footpaths
clings to the past in silence
no one’s listening

cruel and vindictive
like a scorned lover

© Tournesol ’16/03/24

Daily Moments ~ March 24  2016 ~Moody Mother  (Troibun)

Jan 17 Daily Moments (haiga) snow views

white carpets

white carpets
under grey skies
arresting homes

Walking to the grocery store, she stopped now and then took photos of the landscapes. Her focus was the front door of most houses all adorned with their winter addition. Can you see the common theme here?


shovel house

winter home
seasonal fixture rests
geared up for snow

Temperatures rose in the afternoon melting the snow in the streets adding puddles on the side that were not pedestrian friendly.  She regretted wearing her white parka.

Yet, it was still pleasant walking in the mild weather just barely zero Celsius… no need to wear a hat was a nice treat to feel the wind blow in her hair; walking was slow due to the snow-covered sidewalks but still nice. Sidewalks are not plowed in most residential areas. A crow flew overhead and she noticed for the first time the thick winter nests for birds that were brave to stay here and not fly south.

pine haiga

snow dusted pine
cradling soft whiteness
dressed for winter


January 13 Daily Moments – Shadow Play (troiku)



dragons prowl
shadows in the night
snow puffs soothe

dragons prowl
always one snowflake behind
can’t catch me


shadows in the night
tall and short circling me
my companion

© Clr’16

snow puffs soothe
shimmering softly
winter’s gems

© Tournesol’16