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time (troibun)

Walking to work is just after lunch for most people since she starts her work in the afternoon. She tries to leave earlier than usual so she can take different streets and walk slowly noticing the homes and parks along the way. Of course in winter with ice caked on the sidewalks forces her to truly walk slowly.


snowbound park
abandoned for a season
trees snore silently

snowbound park
smoke curling in the air
scent of apple trees

abandoned for a season
bicycle by the lamppost
gnarled fender rusts

trees snore silently
robin sings softly
a lullaby


CDHK – The Piligrimage – “time”

A troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille, at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, click here to learn more.

against gravity (haibun)

She thought about her speech she was chosen to give for her group. Her spiritual advisor had chosen her to give her confidence and believe in herself after working for months on her spiritual growth. She had scrunched up dozens of paper already, never satisfied with her words. She closed her eyes and repeated her mantra which usually helped to calm her mind and then like magic, her muse took over.

“I hope to convey my learnings these past months where I have searched deep inside of my soul and am pleased to have found my true self.

I exist because I am who I am
I desire enlightenment
at this stage of my life
I hope to gain insights
as I continue to search my soul
I do believe there is a higher consciousness
and trust my Higher Power will guide me
I shall let go and let myself be
in the hands of The Great Spirit,
Whom I love
and now,
I am prepared
to receive His love and blessings.

through muddied waters
against forces of nature
a lotus blossoms


Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie

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