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Daily moments May 6 2016 perfect show (tanka)

(c) Clr'16
(c) Clr’16

peering out
sees golden glow
on blue canvas
time to wash the windows
shed all winter’s grime

laughing with glee
made the window squeal

peering out
the grass is definitely
who the heck needs a tele?!
nature bids the perfect show

(c) Tournesol’16-05-06

Daily Moments May 6 2016

lost in thought (haibun)

She frowns at her sunlit streaked window from a long winter’s grime.   Stepping outside she feels the sun’s glow but, still too cool to make the windows squeal like giddy children.

In the meantime, she has plenty of work to do inside.  She grabs a broom and eyes the corners of the ceiling in each room.  The thought of uninvited guests make her want to scratch.

The front entrance is the next move.  She unlocks the door and peaks to see if a neighbour is in the hallway before she steps out in her tattered old hoodie and black leggings.

lost in thought
broom raised automically
a dead fly falls
woven threads rip apart
spider – nowhere to be found


© Tournesol ‘16/03/22


The Secret Keeper 5 word prompt: web, lost, black, scratch, lock


(120 words)

Daily Moments March 21 spring-cleaning haibun

One can feel the glow of the sun on the second day of spring despite the cool breeze. She looks out the patio window and sees how spring cleaning is overdue. Some things will have to wait until it is warmer like patio doors but still, it is refreshing to get a sense of renaissance…almost like those last hours of labour before childbirth.

spotty windows
sunshine showcases
a fly stirs

© Tournesol :16/03/20

Haiku Horizons’ prompt is “fly”

Inventory completed

me oct 23 2012November and December are often inventory months for many businesses. Retail stores are usually end of December and probably why Boxing Day is useful for any commerce. For many December 31st is also a time to take stalk of the past year and what you have done or not done.

This week was my Spring Cleaning or Inventory of posts on Stigma Hurts Everyone and transferring some back to Cher Shares. I had pondered for months on placing all my posts under Stigma but somehow it just felt…I don’t know…not right (guess I have to keep practicing writing since I seem to have difficulty find the right word to express myself sometimes.)

So for readers who have followed me on both blogs, I apologize for the repetition of posts you have read before and being notified that there was a “new post”…sorry for the inconvenience. And for followers of Cher Shares, well, I’m happy to have put my writing up to date.

It would have been much quicker if my computer were not so slow. I tell ya since my laptop came back from summer camp…I mean, servicing…it took them one month, by the way, and not one week. They changed the hard drive so you would think with an almost brand new computer, it would function better. No sireeee, it is slow, slow, slow. Maybe it is on it’s last legs. Maybe the hard drive replacement is like when we get older and have a knee or hip replaclement…it does finally have an expiration date. (sigh) So just in case, I have equipped myself with a Surface 2 Tablet …my second child…{goofy smile}