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Stranger Danger (Krielle – Senryu)



school bell rings and children smile
on their bikes they ride a mile
stranger lurks around corners
That’s when blood shoots through my veins

on a bus some students hop
dropping close, at a bus stop
stranger’s car stalks close to corners
That’s when blood shoots through my veins

at the same place every day
bus stops, kids go on their way
stranger’s car drives from that corner
That’s when blood shoots through my veins

stranger stops beside a child
asks directions, lies so wild!
child approaches warily
That’s when blood shoots through my veins!

child is trusting and so kind
helping is what’s on his mind,
ruthless stranger smiles inside
That’s when blood shoots through my veins!

a lady comes near the boy
gathers time, she must deploy
Shouting Run Run Run!! to the boy
That’s when blood shoots through my veins!

taking off like a bullet
safely home boy gets to it
screeching tires, stranger flees
That’s when blood shoots through my veins!


deviants roam
innocent prey, they search
stranger danger

stranger danger
warning rhyme of chilling threats
beware of strangers

© Tournesol ’15

OctPoWriMo – 10  Wild Writing  

She had pink hair

Sept 26th spiritual aha moments and blue skies 013

On my way to work today
I listened to the music play
gazing here, admiring there,
reflecting shades from trees
sky looked aquamarine.
Got to parc Alphonse Lépine
saw a girl seated on a bench
so tranquil, calm and serene
admiring nature and listenin’
to music she had on her mp-3.
Hair beholdin’ deep pink hues
looked like it been dipped in fruits
like Pomegranate or raspberry,
looked funky, cool and trendy.
Unusual, yes, but her calm nature
pulled it off quite, nearly elegant!
seemed tall and slim of stature
when I got closer, she grinned.
I asked her if I could take
a photo of her, which just might
inspire me to write.

Her eyes widened, impressed,
flattered , she sat up straight
so she could properly partake
“click” the snapshot did take.
That sure made my day
I really have to say
I walked to work with a goofy smile
I had not really felt
like this in quite a while.
People who are kind and considerate
to a perfect stranger like me in a park,
warm my heart that the city didn’t rob
their genuine kindness away,
or harden them in any way.
Being a small town gal like me
I thrive on human kindness, Don’t you?
This now, restores my faith in humanity.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts,  originally written October 2, 2013

Photo credits: Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, 2013 – Parc Alphonse Télésphore-Lepine, Montreal, Qc.,