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Child’s Play (tanka – shadorma)


strawberry fields
buckets filled to the brim
child’s morning play
time to cook home cooked jam
Granny’s the talk of the town


the child played
one sunny morning
in his yard
at his home
talking to his dog, Jamie
“Time to go get a snack!”


The Secret Keeper 5 word prompt:  CHILD TALK HOME TIME PLAY 

strawberry picking (haibun)

Near their campground was a huge strawberry field and every July the children would pile into the family car in the morning before the hot midsummer sun.  Straw hats and lots of sunscreen,  the children ran off to do their own thing with a feeling of self-importance and holding their own plastic buckets.

lost in bushes
child pokes his head smiling
strawberry lips

© Tournesol’15