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summertime (haibun)

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Sailing Magazine


They felt like lovers again for twenty four hours. The children were at their Nanny’s and so they took advantage of the sunny day with that steady breeze from the South. Sailing in the morning was heaven. The breeze picked up in the afternoon, so they suited up with their trapeze harnesses for an afternoon of pure exciting bliss. They had smeared their bodies with sun block but she ran into a surprise that evening.

sailing rendezvous
babe swaddled in her harness
sun kissed face
painfully learns the hard way
her lips were on fire!

It was only then, she discovered Zinc clear sunscreen SPF 50 for lips was the wise choice for sailors and lifeguards.  They still went to Old Montreal for a late night dinner, walking on the cobblestone streets and when the fire started to be unmanageable, he searched among pharmacies to give her relief.

cooling her lips
serves her ice chips all night long
warming her heart

© Tournesol’17/01/26

Carpe Diem #1132 ‘The wrong answer will indicate the right one.’ (Petrus)

I was going to share Kiss of Fire by Louis Armstrong, but I discovered this singer last week and Summertime seems appropriate for this haibun.  I hope you will enjoy Andrea Motis as much as I do

Sun’s energy (Haibun – Troiku)

What a great post our interim host, Paloma, has prepared with the prompt Summertime and introduction of a new impressionist, Rihard Jakopič, His art is stunning to depict this theme as well…who could not think of sun and yellow glowing colours and as for sounds we may hear birds, gulls and waves of the ocean. But what usually comes to mind the moment I see the word “summertime” is Ella Fitzgerald singing her (to me) signature song.
Paloma has shared a few haiku from great masters here:
it seems to wash
the summer mountains…
© Issa
A summer river being crossed
how pleasing
with sandals in my hands!
© Buson

and our host’s impression:
rising sun
paints her shoulders golden –
summer morning –

golden morning
after a night of thunder –
how silent it is
© Paloma ‘15

Sonce, 1905.Rihard Jakopič,

I was up all night last night writing to catch up and well, my muse was ready so when she’s in the mood, I follow. Not always wise to stretch myself like that when I had only one day off this weekend.
I watched the sun rise in front of my workstation my patio faces east. The sky started its purplish hues, then turned pink and suddenly I looked up from my laptop and this big round ball of bright yellow above the horizon stared at me. I took photos but it would never do it justice what I witnessed. It looked like it was a ball of fire. It reminded me of something I remembered in religion classes, tongues of floating fire. Within minutes the sky turned misty and the sun just shied away. For about twenty minutes I witnessed this and I wonder just how many people actually did see this beautiful act of nature.


Troiku was created by Chèvrefeuille

golden star
hangs in the distance
morning pleas


golden star
swells with pride
look at me!

hangs in the distance
looking up through tired eyes
blessings from heaven

morning pleas
overextending is unwise
rest rejuvenates

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem Summertime

Carpe Diem Shuukan  Revitalize

© Clr '15
© Clr ’15

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Garden of love (tanka)

At Carpe Diem this week, the Ghost Writer #16, is Jen of Blog It or Lose It on ”Tanka by Shiki”. Not surprising she did her research and did justice to the poet Masaoka Shiki. I encourage you to read more here and read more haiku and tanka by Shiki, Jen as well as Kristjaan.


As my evening was ending, I was reflecting on gardens and wondered what I would write to contribute to this beautiful post.  I could not help but think of my own garden I have created over the years, seen the seedlings blossom and nurtured them to maturity. I even saw them multiply into grand blossoms.

And yet, it’s not as if I have a family of ten children but I do consider my family as a garden that we weather through the seasons with joy and hard work but mostly with love.  As a gardener toils in his garden, the labour is fueled by love.

Summertime, I am reminded of my past summers watching my children play in parks, soccer and soft ball games, swimming and sailing at the lake at our summer camp.  I am also reminded of the work I still do working with youths and realize that I do continue to  garden in my own way; and to me as well, it IS a labour of love.


© CLR 2014
© CLR 2014

summer breathes new life

parks fill with busy children

working in their garden

mud pies and sand castles

swings and slides bud acrobats.


Tonight is the eve before I leave for my vacation.  My son came over for a visit and we went out for a nice dinner and came back here and watched a movie which  I had recorded, Star Trek;  I had saved this movie to watch with my son…a movie experience is always richer when shared with a loved one, non?

dinner and movie

marks the start of summer break

with pleasant company

blossoms of my own garden

shared good times ‘til twilight


So although this prompt was in honour of gardens and flora, I hope this offering fits as well.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/07/09