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humility troiku

(c) Clr'15 September blossoms
(c) Clr’15 September blossoms

stately sunflowers
standing tall and vain,
bend with the wind

stately sunflowers
nourish the land – not,
just a pretty face

standing tall and vain
trying with all its might
to reach golden star

bend with the wind
autumn enters with a gasp
a humble gesture


S is for sunflower (haibun)

S is for sunflower

© Clr '14 November, Montréal
© Clr ’14 November, Montréal

Sunflowers are happy, vibrant and very tenacious flowers. Her favourite flower is really the daisy but she is not as keen with the French translation,” marguerite”, and so she chose sunflower to be her nom-de-plume, hence, Tournesol.  C’est vraiment plus joli comme nom, n’est-ce pas?*

The blossom later in the season but what is so wonderful, is seeing is blooming late summer beginning of autumn and even in mid November, she has seen the same sunflowers on her walk to work,  stand strong and proud growing from the concrete just off rue St-Denis in Montreal.

September blossoms
hope of eternal colours
the first snowfall

© Tournesol ‘16/04/22

*It’s really a much prettier name, isn’t it?

Blogging from A to Z

NaPoWriMo Day 22

resilient seeds (haiku)

wind blown seeds
in a haphazard way
reaped a miracle

most gardens thrive,
 through laboured hours and love,
 sunflower necks stretch

most of city life
immune from noxious air
September blossoms boast

© Tournesol ’15

Three Word Wednesday

Yellow flowers (Troiku/Haiga)

I love sunflowers, my nom de plume in French, Tournesol.  Here is a Troiku created by Chèvrefeuille which is a series of haiku. To learn more about this form click here.

© Clr 2014
© Clr 2014

golden halo gleams
morning prayer

stillness before the wake
muse speaks to me

golden halo gleams
outlines grimy lines
on my windows

morning prayer
sunflowers greet the day
I bow

© Tournesol ’15

Of course I love all flowers in the daisy family and buttercups.

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soft petals
drinking yellow/ 
rising sun

© Tournesol ’15

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