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symbiotic (haiku)

To follow the mood of this prompt at Carpe Diem,  our host has discussed the symbiosis of the birch tree and the mistletoe. Of course when one thinks of mistletoe, we are reminded of kissing during the Christmas holidays.

dew fresh mistletoe
her sweet scent warms my heart
my first kiss
© Chèvrefeuille

Here is my attempt of joining 2 separate things that form a synergy of sorts.

perfect mate,
peanut butter and jelly

© Tournesol ‘14

In another slant thinking of emotional symbiosis, the mother and child attachment… the symbiotic connection.

mother goose
heading the flock waits,
honk of her gosling


mère biche avertit
son faon d’une cachette
d’un braconnier

mother doe
warns her fawn
poacher’s cache

© Tournesol ‘14