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mon premier amour (haiku)

This serene painting  le poète allongé  captures a touching moment in the life of Marc Chagall, one of Russia’s greatest unconventional artists and his wife Bella Rosenfeld.

Completed during their honeymoon in 1915, it shows the artist reclining dreamily in front of the family’s dacha. He lies stretched on the grass, his body dramatically elongated, with the vast majority of the picture taken up with a violet sky and green pine forest landscape, home to a modest farmhouse and its animals.

Here is my second offering in this prompt at Heeding Haiku with Ha, a positive and dreamy version.


rosa bella
blushing bride sighs
lone pig squeals

time stands still
illicit dreams arouse
the old mare snorts

an artist’s vision
canvas scented pine
purple brush strokes 

© Tournesol ’15