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Midsummer rain (haibun)

© Clr `15
© Clr `15

Startled at the first crashing sounds, she glances out the window looking at  the hurried rain falling.  Thunder continues to threaten perhaps another power outag; she places the kettle on the stove…at least there will be tea to sip. Until then, she takes her pen to scratch a word or two before the darkness falls.

drum rolls warn
skies give way
pouring rain

pouring rain
lovers squeeze precious moments
midday nap

starlings seek shelter
nestlings whine in union
earth gulps excess

sodden paths
giggling child splashes
nestlings hope

earth’s open house
worms’ midsummer dance
starling’s patient perch

© Tournesol ’15

I was pleased to see the prompt at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, “Midday nap” seeming just perfect to slip in one more stanza so fitting with this midday rain.

heavenly gifts (haibun)

123rt.com bowling pins under cloudy sky

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!! She cowered and ran into her grandmother’s bedroom  and dives under a pillow to block the  rumble of the thunder.  Her grandmother was counting the seconds between each lightening and each clap of thunder to gauge the distance of each lightning.

“N’aie-pas peur, ma belle poule aux oeufs d’or;  les éclairs sont loins…il n’y a pas de danger. ”  Her grandmother was looking out the window in the veranda and called her grand-daughter to come see.  She told her a story that changed her outlook on thunder forever.

“When GrandPapa died last year, I had no money to support myself and so he found a way up in heaven to raise money for me.  He joined the heavenly bowling league and plays for money.  When you hear the thunder those are the bowling pins you hear and when you hear that huge thunderclap just a few minutes ago, well, that is a strike so I will be getting a nice fat pension this month! ”

Flash of lightning
rumble of the thunderbolt
blessing from heaven

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem Special, Kala Ramesh’s fifth haiku “thunderclap”
the darkening sky splits
into liquid night
© Kala Ramesh


hot summer day
battle between thunder and lightning
ah! cool summer rain
© Chèvrefeuille