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life’s uncertainties (troiku)

the end of winter
that lunar sign
spring festival

the end of winter
prosperous harvests

that lunar sign
without a fear – moonlight dance,
youths bonding

spring festival 
yet tragedy hits Kollam,
hear our prayers

My deepest sympathy to the people in Kollam, India.

(c) Tournesol’16-04-10

NaPoWriMo – Day 10

Haiku Horizons “fear”

Daily Moments April 10 2016 life’s uncertanities

Storm within (haibun +¸haiku)

On her walk home, she listened to Deva Premal, she had purchased three mantras last night…yep, three of the same mantras chanted differently. It gave her energy to start her shift and blessed her when she came home at the end of her long night.

She reached her home minutes after  midnight;  she gave her loyal feline friend a cuddle, then fired up the laptop. She must have touched a button she was not used to with her new Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge NEWS popped up with the first article shocking her.  “All my babies are dead”…her hand hesitated on the mouse for a split second and then she clicked.  A tragedy!  Preventable, unnecessarydrunk driving tragedy.  It was as if the weather of that nice evening walk home in the cool brisk air had changed dramatically.  This was why she no longer had television.  This was the reason she stopped purchasing newspapers 14 years ago but the internet still bled bad news.

home at twilight
sits with a midnight snack
and, then the storm broke
prays for those who’ll never rest
grieving for their babies

© Tournesol ’15



three dead children
parents’ limbs ripped of their souls
idle bicycles

a father,
a grandfather
gone forever

communities and nations

the storm invaded,
addiction grabbed too many

© Tournesol ’15

Haiku Horizons “storm”

Deva Premal – Gayatri Mantra

Oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ

tát savitúr váreṇ(i)yaṃ

bhárgo devásya dhīmahi

dhíyo yó naḥ pracodáyāt

We meditate on the glory of the Creator;
Who has created the Universe;
Who is worthy of Worship;
Who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light;
Who is the remover of Sin and Ignorance;
May He open our hearts and enlighten our Intellect.

Killer Tree (Friday Fictioneers June 27, 2014)

Photo Prompt:  © Madison Woods


Simone went berry picking with her cousin who had been after her for a week.  She finally gave in. It had been the first time in five years  she had ventured into these woods. Nicole was nattering about mon oncle Ovid and his eccentric ways. Simone half listened, dodging gnats and wishing she were home with a good book. Suddenly she heard Nicole call out to her. “Look there’s a pond here. Viens vite!” Simone got to the other side of the bushes and stopped suddenly noticing the tree by the pond, where she’d lost her son.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/06/27

Written for: Friday Fictioneers June 27 2014, Photo prompt


Being Mindful is probably a good thing…

I tried real hard NOT to listen to the news yesterday…wanted to get through my shift first…this morning I finally succumbed to turn onto CNN. The Governor, Attorney General, ATF and FBI were among several giving a press conference and in that little window to the right of my tv screen, I could see images, of events that took place since this terrible tragedy.

I have a difficult time admitting there is such a thing as evil and darkness in the world; probably my naïve nature. I stopped reading newspapers and listening to the news after 911…it just made me too sad and I could see myself slowly turning cynical. In order to do my work, encourage and comfort people…I had to make some important choices.
And so social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and amazing blogs on WordPress inform me…I can choose to read, or not read with the simple click of my mouse or swipe on my smart phone.

Having read a thought provoking and common sense blog this morning By Opinionated Man

Awareness versus Fear.

” it made me realise that it is true there is such a thing as darkness in the world. Perhaps I should accept it as part of nature…{Gosh that sounds so sad and cynical!} It reminds me of THUNDER when COLD air meets HOT air {Cold/calousness hits Hot/warmth of heart and soul} …I suppose there is a lot of polarity in nature, in humanity and in the universe…

I tend to NOT be privy of such things and perhaps that is just a defense mechanism …to be in denial, I don’t have to face the fact that there can be such cruelty and evil in the world. However, having read the wise words of Opinionated Man, it IS a good idea to be aware…not living fear but be mindful and alert of such things.

That said, my heart goes out to the families and friends who have lost a loved one to this senseless tragedy… also my thoughts and prayers go out to those injured…both physically and emotionally by this…


The last school shooting in Newtown, Ct. of Friday, December 14, 2012 has left the world shocked.  No words can comfort the parents, family, friends and especially the surviving students of this tragedy.

Even saying “students” is not fitting…these were little children!  To fathom such an atrocity makes me shudder.  No doubt, as millions watched CNN last Friday, our hearts went out to this wounded community.

I worried when my children were in high school and college of school shootings. Now my children are adults, I thought, I was free of worrying…but Friday was a wakeup call that the unthinkable can now occur.  I can’t believe that we  have to consider the ultimate safety of elementary schools from such tragedies.  How I worry for the little ones…my 8 year grandson …

As we are wrapping gifts, baking for the holidays and preparing our homes to celebrate life, love and peace, this community is mourning the worst possible grief any human being can face. 20 little innocent angels have been robbed of this right as well as 7 adults who were parents, friends, relative and colleague,  will never be a part of any celebrations.  Surviving children from this school will not be able to grasp this calamity and they have been robbed of their innocence and trust.

It may be healing or cathartic to express anger and blame this murderer; it may be help to shed blame on society, gun control and governments.  It may be therapeutic for many to put all energy and focus on problem solving and more finger pointing…but for now, that anger, that guilt, that heart wrenching sadness are part of loss and grief.  Feeling it and acknowledging it are the first steps of living and walking through this painful journey as this community mourns.

Praying…whether you regularly pray, or it has been years and you forgot the words…just allow your hearts to focus on the innocents that were robbed of their lives…of the parents, family, friends and a community that will never be the same. Leave the advocating, the proactive stances and blaming for now and give this community your love and your prayers and hug your children.

As this community begins to say goodbye this week you can also donate in memory of the victims:  http://www.cnn.com/2012/12/17/us/iyw-sandy-hook-victims-memorial/