nature  (haiga)

casualty of rainstorm

sudden cloudburst
innocence surrenders
wind’s casualty

When she was little, she would climb up into the tree with her sister and her cousin. They would imagine the branches had mini bananas.

helicopter tree

such wonder
visions of faraway lands
child’s play
giraffes and elephants
and banana trees

white rose

morning sun
beams on nature’s gifts
fragrance grins

(c) Tournesol ’15

Written for:

under the trees (haiga)


It was a hot muggy day and she dreaded going to work. She shuffled across the street with her sunglasses protecting her sensitive blue eyes from the hot sun at high noon. Suddenly she got a whiff of those amazing lilacs on the side of the road. She had to pause briefly to take in that moment. Such a mundane experience lifted her spirits and added a bit of a lilt in her step on her way to the Métro.

Under the trees
 pink posers

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem “Under the trees”