in loving memory of the traveler 2016/01/28 14:48

wpid-20141211_133300.jpg© Clr 16/01/28

the explorer
seeking answers wrapped in gold
life’s journey

snowflakes gently fall
this mild wintry afternoon
tears of relief
angels greet this new spirit
stripped of pain, lives forever

a dove chortles
wings that lift him high above
bows in reverence

a mother gasps
grabbing at her heart
leans on the father

little sis’ weeps
leaning on her sons
and loving spouse

baby brother
cradled by his children
wife feels his heartbeat

minions pray
aunts, uncles, offspring and friends
pillars stand guard

let us pray
a new dimension of love
his safe passage


Daily Moments January 26 2016  14:48

Cleansing of her feet (haibun)

June 22nd, first day of summer, the day after summer solstice, she sets out to the rapids. Today is a tribute to her departed mother who was born on this day in 1926. She will also cleanse her feet in the waters of the rapids of la rivièvre Richelieu marking her mother’s first anniversary in her eternal resting place…christening this new beginning.

site of foot bath

Waves roll with force

declare birth of an angel

in heaven


She sits on one of the rocks by the rapids, allowing the waves to splash and wet her feet and then she dunks them in the busy rumbling water marking a new tradition en homage pour Colombe, sa mère.

washing feet 1

Ripples tickle 

feet float on rapid currents 

birthday giggles

© Tournesol ’15

Happy Canada Day – Bonne Fête Canada

Happy Canada Day Canadians

I am proud to be part of such a country

that offers so much variety in climate,

language, culture and nature.

We have the Rockies,

Mont Tremblant, Les Laurentides,

The Cabot Trail, Magnetic Hill,

Calgary Stampede, and so much more,

Lake Louise, North West Territories

Northern lights where spirits

soothe us reminding us that

there is an after life

and it IS beautiful;

We have oceans from coast to coast

abundance of lakes

rivers, hills and more mountains

we have two official languages

and to me being Canadian is being bilingual

it means being proud of our roots

grateful to First Nations People for being

our teachers and mentors

despite our stubbornness and slow learning

without them where would we be?

Let us embrace our diversity

what a great country filled with

love and festivities

in Montreal the Jazz festival

is well under way

Earth Wind and Fire

and Bob MacMarlane

are performing tonight

on the eve of Canada Day.

Bonne Fête Canada

Happy Birthday Canada

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/06/30

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