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nuit de rêve (haiku)

Our host, Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem gave us a photo to inspire our imagination and paint what we see with our words.


poussière d’ange
cantiques lumineuses
dans la voie lactée

angel dust
radiant incantations
in the milky way

© Tournesol ’16/01/04

hearing sounds (haibun)

when I close my eyes,
brings me back in time
her voice soothes me

her voice soothes me haiga
June 22, 1926 – Dec. 2, 2014


Snippets of her presence slip into dreams when least expected. Sometimes her shadow appears  in the most unlikely moments, and yet I know it is she…


scent of Givenchy
taking in her playful laugh
visits in my dreams

parfum de Givenchy
enveloppé par son rire taquin
rendez-vous dans mes rêves

© Tournesol ’15/12/02