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Spontaneous photos (Pixelventures July 8th’14)

This week Bastet suggested we be spontaneous and photograph on impulse.  Well, today, I had to get some cat food at Safari which is an elaborate pet shop.  I buy my fish there and would often go there for an hour or so with my grandson on rainy days. It is across the street from the Mall near me and it is really a lovely experience going there.

© CLR 2014
© CLR 2014    My Favourite

So today, I walked in and pretended to look at my smart phone for messages.  My flash was not on and figured, I had time to take a few pics.  I would have loved to get the turtles and fish with the waterfalls but I started with the birds…probably not the greatest ideas as I was way too close to staff.  Within a few minutes and about 10 shots, I was told we are not allowed to take photos in the store. Well, gee, I played dumb and looked forlorn and then mosied up to the cat food and completed my purchases.   So here are my shots taken on impulse  I tell ya, one of the cockatiel was talking to me and the other wanted to sleep…the looked like the odd couple.

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I wanted to post these while I still have time. May be a bit busy the rest of the week.  My favourite is the first one.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/07/09

Submitted for: Pixelventures July 8 2014 Spontaneous 

River listened, made me smile

I spoke to the river,
it listened to my sorrow
a gust made lilies quiver
I then looked on below
a fountain did cascade
the sound of water sprayed
I couldn’t help but smile
feeling better all the while.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/06/30

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Submitted for: Bastet’s Pixelventures using Apps, June 23, 2014 at WeDrinkBecauseWe’rePoets 

Reflections (Bastet’s Pixelventures)

Okay, I went a little overboard with my enthusiasm here. I took about 10 photos and then the dilemma was choosing. So I broke it down to two {for now}.


© CLR 2014
© CLR 2014

This first photo was taken outside just before sundown; it is a restaurant on boulevard Saint-Laurent a five minute walk from our offices.  I thought it looked pretty cool.


© CLR edited
© CLR edited & framed 2014

Here I played with the contrast and colour saturation and added a cool looking frame I discovered on my Google +; all my photos automatically uploaded from my phone to Google

© CLR 2014
© CLR 2014

This is still on the same boulevard a few doors further and I liked the sign so I clicked my photo again. The sign says “The Art of Living” and I liked that half of the reflection shows the tree and sky.

© CLR 2014 Edited & framed
© CLR 2014 Edited & framed

Again I played with saturation mostly here and added a nifty frame and there you have it for reflections.  Thanks for the prompt, Georgia!

All photos taken with my smart phone last Wednesday.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/06/08


Submitted for Bastetspixelventures – Reflections


Inspired too reach out (haibun)

We Drink Poetry Inspiration – Prompt #012 What Inspires You

This is not poetic in nature, and to call it a free verse is using the term loosely. However, I wanted to share where my writing all began at Alecoute-Ntouch, a site informing folks of workshops I was offering on life skills and professional and personal development. But then I got acquainted with WordPress and the world of blogging and discovered I had a lot to say too…


An idea simmers.
Words produce an awareness
conscious convictions.

Street Art Montreal Summer 2013
Street Art Montreal Summer 2013

I began writing to voice my thoughts
with Cher Shares, that was my first start,
voicing opinions, I sure did have a lot;
And then I was inspired by Herding Cats 
that’s when my vision shifted a tat
I got on my soap box hoping to make a dent
at Stigma Hurts Everyone I wanted to vent,
yell out to the world that which is important
to me, things just needed to be heard,
nothing exceptional because some
may even have a knack to say it better
but maybe if we shout out loudly together
our voices may be heard that much noisier.
And then Cher Shares became a comfort zone
to write a story here, there, or even a poem
And, that’s the tale of how it all started
my story of a humble love affair
of words that I write from the heart
of passion, love and sometimes conviction
that’s why I blog, where I got my inspiration.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/02/25

Variations of creation

Nunavik Tourism

The budding flower come springtime
the eggs we eat every day
larvae, maggots may look like slime
all have their place in their own way
the pupa, fawn, owlet and nymph
all mark the start of vital roles
we know not all to what their goals;
the pup, the calf, kits and tadpoles
the fry, the kid, and joey`s start
in life they ask but just to thrive…
slow motion of the caterpillar
observing magic in the making
those of our great divine creator,
turning this worm into a butterfly,
a mystery, we just not ask why,
lending regard fittingly due
of God`s creation every day.
Do not compare or denigrate
stick out  your chest with false bravado
sneer not at fawn, piglet or farrow
assuming they`re subordinate;
the colt, lamb, eaglet and tumbler
all have their place among the ether;
I could go on and on this way
but know you haven`t got all day.
Presuming all of God`s creations
and every living breathing thing
’tis not just babes of human beings
worthy of ripples in exaltation,
we all are part of God`s creation
much bigger than we`ll ever know.
mere spec of some greater foundation
we`ll never see until we go
to parts unknown to feeble minds
yet some have witnessed a shining glow
before departing this earth in kind…
white radiant glow that they have seen
and smiled before their souls took flight
I know! I saw Grand-Papa smile
and whispered he had seen the light.
Creation here on earth is slight
of greater magnitude thereof
some day we`ll know but until then
we`ll try to figure out the night
celestial skies that sparkle bright.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, 2014/02/18

Poetry Prompt #011 Creation

Interpretations differ of Dec.24th

st nicholas

Photo credits: Wikipedia Images


Christmas Eve joy 

Hosting my loved ones

We eat, drink, giggle a lot

mostly we just love.

Snow falling, blessing the earth

Kids awaiting ol’  Saint Nic.

Baby Jesus Christmas Nativity

Photo credits: Baby Jesus Christmas Nativity


Christmas Eve – hallowed

Midnight mass we pray.

Celebrate the birth of Christ

Rejoice in our prayers.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, January 3, 2013

Better late than never, having been away for the holidays. This is in response to Prompt, 006 Wedrinkinspiration