Daily moments – May 29/17 peace (troibun)

Compassion is the foundation of peace.” Amma

The old woman toiled in her garden for days, her heart filled with such hope…

Planting seeds
deep enough
free from foul play

Planting seeds
filled with love
forming strong roots

Deep enough
as a love struck poet
versed with compassion

Free from foul play
only white doves
spreading world peace


still hope for peace (haiku – tanka)

Heaven smiles
tropical clouds burst short rains
palm tree shelters

fountain of  youth
like a desert goddess
futile mirage

Smokey jazz café
slow dance to Duke Ellington
hot summer night

Honeysuckle blooms
ancient road no longer bare
baby boomers flock
harmony hill
still hope for miracles

© Tournesol ’15

Our host, Chèvrefeuille, at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, gives us twelve (12) words (for every ”hour”) one word. The goal is to write haiku using the words as given in the clock wise way.

  1. Heaven 2. Clouds 3. Palm tree 4. Fountain 5. Goddess 6. Desert 7. Jazz cafe 8. Duke Ellington 9. Summer night 10. Honeysuckle 11. Ancient road 12. Hill

Our host gives us an example:

blue heaven
a palm tree 

© Chèvrefeuille

What is PEACE?


Simple Sunday with Artist Delawer Omar     http://www.friendburst.com

What is peace
but an attitude
that will release
any inquietude;
it’s worry free
battle free
bully free
racist free
bigot free,
colour blind,
faithfully liberal
remarkably kind,
spiritually lenient
exceptionally charitable
massively tolerant
conflict free
purely carefree.

Childlike mentality
innocent, trusting,
seeking hospitality
lucent thinking.
Peace is never ever
second guessing
there’d be clever
deeds ever deceitful;
when there’s peace
all acts are truthful;
all is authentic
genuine, real.
like the Velveteen Rabbit
who became at peace
once he became real.
Peace is harmony
relating in accord
never feeling discord
what a lovely place
to be
when making peace
an essential
fundamental base
to perpetuate
to nurture
to promulgate
in one’s future.
Peace is love
love is peace
becoming one.
are one,
living in peace.

© Cheryl-Lynn – originally written October 26, 2013

Dungeon Prompts – Week 11: Peace – Just a Word? What does it mean to you?