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Latifa Prayer, line 2 “I desire”

Latifa Prayer, line 2 “I desire”

Our host has written:

silent prayer
reaches for heaven
sunflowers bloom

© Chèvrefeuille

Desires of youths is to be loved and accepted, somehow to feel they fit in. One grows into human wants and desires and always co-existing with being loved. And yet, to love and give love is so easy…to hold, to embrace either a friend, a child or a lover but without that affection from a lover, I am happier alone. I can fulfill this desire by giving in so many ways…embracing a crying youth on the phone or a good friend.

My desire to see my children happy and content is still strong although I know it is out of my control but still…and to some day have a two books published of my short stories and poetry to give to my children so they have something of me…speaking from my heart, my soul and in my voice.

morning dawn
rousing singing sparrows
bid the muse goodnight
time to rest a spell before 
the sun reaches high noon


I did write until dawn this morning so this shall be my Daily Moments as well.