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Taking Sides – LindayGHill’s SoCS – July 17

Taking Sides

The prompt for Stream of conciousness Friday is “Side”. Linda G Hill has asked us to write using this word alone, as a preface or suffix…just write as long as your stream consciousness stops, then link to her blog here.

There are many sides to a situation or a story. How many times have you heard a news bulletin telling the public the sensationalistic side of an event omitting other aspects that shed a different light to that event?

I am also reminded of children when parents are separating and how often they seem to shed blame on themselves. So many children seem to feel if they were nicer, quieter or more obedient, somehow their parents would still be together? That is certainly not true but still many children feel this inside the core of their souls.

Moving along on this same topic, friends and family often feel they need to take sides when a marriage breaks up. Friends may feel awkward and think they can’t be friends with one spouse if they hang out with the other spouse. But what if they were good friends as a couple? Wouldn’t it make sense to nurture and continue this friendship with each person? And yet, so many feel they have to take sides.

I have also noticed that couples feel uncomfortable when they hear of a break-up of a relationship. It is as if they are faced with a side of themselves {or their relationship} they prefer not to examine. Why not? Maybe it is a perfect opportunity to embrace the love they have in their relationship. Perhaps it is an occasion to work on some aspects of their relationship if they feel it is a bit rocky. But for goodness sakes, folks, another couple’s break-up is NOT contagious…you can see talk to her or him. If anything, this is a time they need a friend and compassionate listening ear.   So stop taking sides and ask yourself, how would you feel and how would you like to be treated if you were no longer in your relationship? This is where you will see the true sides of a friend alright; the kind, compassionate side or the cautious, weary side; then again would it be the self-righteous, holier than thou side?   One cannot judge another person for their choices in life unless they have truly walked a mile in their shoes.

© Cheryl-Lynn’14/07/19

Split second escapes (haiga)

Soul Sisters © CLR 2013
Soul Sisters
© CLR 2013



nature, green beckons
childish fun.


Clicking on the menu
to start a new contact,
the story will ensue
we form a first contract
I listen and care too,
sometimes it gets sad
need to find a bit of glad
to maintain my strength,
then, my heart fills
with feel-good thrills…
soak up a fond venue
screen portrays this view…

Two soul sisters
in more ways than one,
resting on the stairs
soaking up the sun;
just seconds before,
they make a dash for
a game of
Tag! you`re It!
and Catch me if you Can!
a little friendly wrestle
growling in their
rounds of muscle
all in sisterly
canine fun.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/05/30

Submitted for: PookyPoetry Prompt #30 – Screensaver. I often alternate with a screensaver at work from family photos of my mom and me, my grandson, my children, lovely street photos I took or loving pets. These are two sisters my son owns, taken on the back steps of his Rougemont home. I call these split second escapes when counselling on the phone to maintain a strong, comforting and engaging stance.

What if I don’t remember?

B questioning me nov 13

la sénescence ne pardonne pas
La mémoire
est une faculté
qui oublie.

Senility is unforgiving.
is a faculty
that forgets.


What if I don’t remember?

Every time

I don’t remember

a name, a street even a number

I do get queasy

inside my tummy.

what are my fears?

have my fair share.

driving about … anywhere

what if I lose my way out there?

I do get frightened

I’ll not come back

get lost in thought

take two wrong turns

and then I fear

I’ll lose my way…

but what about

my thoughts, my words

your face, your voice,

and all my memories?

that blasted

evil enemy

may visit me

some day …

  and stay!

That shameful senility

may rob me of my dignity.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/05/02

Submitted for: PookyPoetry Daily Prompts – What scares you?

Now, how come I didn’t think of that?


Now how come I didn`t think of that?

How come I don’t think of listening to my favourite on-line radio station? I am on-line so much with work, with blogging and today I realized when I am home weekends, I often write in silence.  Granted, sometimes I do prefer to shut out any distractions for my thoughts are enough and if I add lyrics and melody, I get overwhelmed and cannot concentrate.  It`s different at work, however. If I am writing a “story to share” or on-line counselling, I may put in my ear buds and listen to music to block out the business and voices heard on crisis call centres.

Today I was chatting with a cyber friend/writer/poet extraordinaire/blogger and sharing how I also love music and how it can impact on my mood. No surprise there, right?  Look at folks who listen to music on the street, on the bus, train and Métro. You see some bobbing their heads, swaying, lip singing, moving their shoulders and walking is sort of cool too.  Oh, Oh, That reminds me!  Have you ever noticed when you are driving in the car especially in the city during a busy time and you are listening to funky music or rock and roll (whatever is your pleasure)?  Observing the pace of some pedestrians seem to match just perfectly the beat of a song you are listening to.  That is so cool!  Haha, it is funny when it is a fast upbeat tune and you see some people pick up their pace to beat the light or of course if you are a Montrealer, well, we just jaywalk…sometimes quickly sometimes not so quickly. If you`re the driver being cut off by a warm body, well, you have to stop…so that may interrupt your music mood for a few seconds. Just crank up the volume and let it go and enjoy the harmony and not your inner frustration…It`s Montreal! deal with it (smiles) it is part of our culture.

I think that is something I may want to work on a bit now…patience and driving. The cyclists especially are out and in the city they usually do not think of motorists, so I need to be mindful of that and pretend I have a twin that is on her bike just as I am leaving for work in my car. Oh, yeah, and leaving a bit earlier may help to avoid that “road rage”. {Gotta work on that one!}

Back to my original question, why didn`t I think of that?  Since I am so often on-line, I must remember to log on to Jango.com  a free radio station that you can add ONLY your music delights, favs and no commercials.  I guess I stopped a few years ago when our agency put in a firewall that blocked that site…but still, I can use it at home…and that is exactly what I am doing now as I write this post. I am listening to Phoebe Snow right now crooning Poetry Man. Now how appropriate is that, that I am ending this with this song playing?   Serendipity? Coincidence? Nah, I’ll leave those questions for another question for Linda Hill`s Stream of consciousness prompts {wink wink}.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/04/26

“This post is part of SoCS: http://lindaghill.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-april-2614/


Phoebe Snow – Poetry Man

Margueritte (shadorma)

Rock Garden



enfin tu fleuris

en vigueur

en beauté

s’étirant le cou au ciel

parmi toutes ces roches.


© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/04/05


Oh Daisy!

at last, you’ve blossomed

in splendour

and in strength

stretching your neck to the sky

among all these rocks

Written for: MindLoveMiseryMisery – Shadorma Prompt #2

Don’t give up


If it were a child she carried for 40 weeks

more or less,

she would find a way, she seeks

courage to fight moments of despair

patience to meet times of frustration

forgiveness to any bouts of commotion

knows a child does not comprehend,

a child expects unconditional love

a child deserves absolute compassion and regard

and then shall she take to this to mean

that Life as she sees it, feels it,

smelling vomit, tasting sweetness,  serene

Life as it hurts, cuts bit by bit

Life with its multiple personality

Life with its joys and glee

Life with its mundane and bizarre

is all she will get here, near and far

only once in this time around…

and so she will hold it with kindness

and unconditional love and fondness

as if it were her baby she carried

for 40 weeks, more or less

and she shall find solace that she is,

Life is, simply…

meant to be…

When Life seems too difficult to bear, don’t despair

Treat it as your child…unconditional and loving care.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/04/05

Written for FWF




boul St Laurent Montréal Street art, October 2013
boul St Laurent Montréal Street art, October 2013

I’m always there

when you least expect it

even where

you don’t see fit

I go places

leaving  traces…

I am the breeze

sending vibrations

unsettling, unease


whisper my faint sound

warning you when

danger is around



so you can perform

your gift

your art.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/03/20


Written for: Mindlovemisery Prompt 47 Street Art


By George I finally get it! (haibun)


My eyes read the words,
a lotus opened, my heart
touched the light of love.

 © Cheryl-Lynn Roberts 2014/03/04

Have you ever heard the expression that when you teach you learn so much more and better? I used to say that about some of my workshops on personal and social development. When I would feel my self-esteem and self-worth slowly slipping into dark places, I knew it was high time to give a workshop on Self-esteem or Assertiveness skills.  Every time I would offer information, examples on how to enhance our self-esteem, I was reminded of my own personal struggle with this, from time to time.

It doesn’t take much really. It can be one too many criticisms on your work, a feeling you get when a lover has dumped you or the self-defeating attitude of seeking perfection…you have no choice but to feel you will never measure up…who IS perfect unless you are divine.  Well, I take that last comment back because we are all created in the image and likeness of the Divine and I believe we all have “the light” within us.  So scratch that…I digress as usual.

Where was I again? Oh, yes, rehashing former knowledge to absorb it again or better.  I find that when I am talking to callers at my work, when I am offering some guidance and giving examples, I do a quick scan…introspection … and sometimes that phone call is helping me as well. I end the call and write a few notes or take my break and reflect on what I shared. Sometimes I write a story or a poem if I feel I have tripped on an “aha” moment.

Last night I shared a few reflections by contributing to a prompt at The Seeker’s Dungeon on Secrets. I chose to write on personal experience on another blog and  write on my professional experience on this blog.  I felt there was something missing to my first offering. I like to look at all sides of a picture and then I added a second piece which was the secrets those who offend and hurt others by adding a snapshot of someone confessing his sins. I thought that was repenting, feeling guilt was a way to make it sort of alright…it was sort of a start I thought because “guilt” is such a terrible place to be, right?  Then I also could relate on some level with the priest who has to hear all sorts of confessions yet I rarely have to hear vile offences as he does.   Although I may hear of the guilt some are burdened with, their shoulders weighted heavily and I will try to help them find forgiveness and love for themselves.

But this repentance thing really got to me for I received a comment and invitation to read a post on what the true meaning of repentance is. I was absorbed and finally enlightened…and “lightened” such a burden was lifted from my shoulders as I read the beauty of grace and forgiveness. Of course I knew intellectually and remembered reading in bible class and hearing over the years in sermons that Jesus died on the cross for ALL of our sins but that is not what my church taught me. It taught me to earn forgiveness and yes, we were always judged, gauged by how much we did to fit into that “in” group of the blessed and righteous. So much pressure there was in this environment, I adopted a “I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t” so may as well do my own thing and decided to follow the Golden Rule. That is what I have tried to do most of my life.

But when I read that post on repentance, I felt relieved and comforted because you see, I didn’t understand it then, but I understand it now…

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/03/14

Written for: FreeWriteFridays  Here is your FWF prompt: I didn’t understand it then, but I understand it now…

fwf kellie elmore badge


Inspired by:

Repentance: There is nothing sorrowful about it.

The Seeker’s Dungeon

Secrets of Despair

Secrets of Despair – 2

Photo Credits: The Dance of Youths. This has always been an image I have adopted and tried to include in my work. When I created Alecoute-Ntouch I had originally wanted to use a logo resembling the Dance of Youths. For me, it represented being in harmony, in touch, être à l’écoute avec soi, with self.  The dove represented so much more than the Holy Spirit…it represented my core…my mother’s name is Colombe (that is French for dove) so you see how Picasso’s art truly spoke to me and breathed life into my work and whole being.

Secrets of despair

Photo credits: Souzacartonist

She listens with benevolence

the stories never told

of shame and guilt and violence

those tales so raw and bold.

A pause ensues, she hears a sigh

despite attempts to offer hope

they still may cry

the tears offer relief

some tales are just too hard to bear

she hears them in their grief;

the hardest tale of all to share

are secrets found in dark despair

forbidden truths,

unmasking lies

she holds their secrets in her heart

a first step they shall make in part

exploring some of their options,

tomorrow is another day

and she’ll be there to hear their say.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/03/14

Written for: The Seeker’s Dungeon, Season 2, Week 11. Check out other offerings as well as last week’s.

Older and bolder

Artist: Patricia Ariel


As a teen she felt insecure, shamed
she simply wanted to hide away
felt undressed with eyes, defamed,
made her feel on public display;
passing construction sites
the worst of all transgression
feeling eyes taking wee bites
of her dignity, her self assertion.

And then she grew so much older
could finally saunter down a street
head up high and feeling bolder
no comments heard, indiscreet
suddenly she had become invisible,
walked in stores, not even noticeable
sales clerks gazed above her head
wishing to cater to a younger set
20 and 30 something adults instead.

travelling on busses and subways
she disappeared in so many ways
youths with their real smart phones
ears plugged, heeding their drones
mostly self-absorbed with conceit
rarely considering to give up their seat
she had become invisible…and yet
she saw the hunched backed person
mounting the steps with a cane,
a man struggling to breathe in vain,
a woman with child still in her belly
who could miss a thing of such beauty?
they too had all become invisible
how come she could still see these people?
offering her seat, was the only suitable
and proper thing to do…

Getting older gives her freedom
no longer fraught, not even a tussle.
by salespersons or deviant men
she walks anywhere without a hassle.

It can be trying in eateries
when waiters just ignore
older women frequently
assuming this group of females
will seldom produce a nice gratuity
ah yes, that rule may be unspoken
they cater more to men of all ages
presuming they will get a better token.

How very rude and pejorative
to hold on views so negative!
but as long as older women stay invisible
they may as well make their tips miniscule. {grins}

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/03/01

A fun prompt at DversePoets, Poetics Invisibility