cycle of life (Troibun)

Tournesol dans un Jardin

She loves this time of year. Flowers are in bloom overflowing in gardens. Four more weeks admiring the golds, lavender and magenta before leaves start their own autumn performance.

overgrown gardens
hanging on
until death befalls

overgrown gardens
with beauty

hanging on
caterpillar on a twig
transforms with wings

until death befalls
petals form an undercoat
autumn leaves


© Tournesol ‘18/08/20

Daily Moments August 20 2018  and Haiku Horizons.

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Living and Learning in Amritapuri, India: August 28-31, 2017

The circumstances of life will always keep changing. Change is nature’s unchanging law. However, it is we who make experiences bitter or sweet — our mind and our attitude. As long as we are unable to bring our mind under our control, sorrow will continue to hunt us down. However, once the mind comes under our control, then no problem or tragedy can devastate or paralyze us. In reality, the foundation of happiness is gratitude. When the mind becomes filled with gratitude, we will spontaneously become happy.” -Amma in New Jersey, June 29, 2017.

Living, Learning and Letting Go

Ganesh Celebrations

I have continued to attend the Ganesh bhajans in the Kalari from 9 to 10 each evening. I love, love, love the high intensity, ecstatic music. The only reason I’m not sad that it will end on Sunday is that Onam and Krishna’s birthday are coming soon.

I love participating in the procession that goes to a nearby temple on Krishna’s birthday. The college students and brahmacharis do the same style of singing on that occasion that I’m hearing during Ganesh’s celebration, so I have that to look forward to. However, I’m also keeping in mind that the last time I was in Amritapuri on Krishna’s birthday, my back went out a few days before the big day and I couldn’t participate. I frequently remind myself that tomorrow’s not promised and do the best to make the most of today.


A few days ago, I heard someone…

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moonbeams (haiku)

A post at Chris at The Muscleheaded Blog made me think of a poem I read this week by Chiyo-Ni

nani kite mo
utsukushiku naru
tsukimi kana

whatever we wear
moon viewing
(c) Chiyo-Ni


on a midsummer night
(c) Tournesol’15

heavy heart/ coeur lourd (haiku)


a peony bush
heavy with flowers …
trying to pick
from a long list of names
for the full spring moon

© Laura Williams (a.k.a. Lolly of Lovely Things)

arbuste penchant
amour lourd de pivoine
coeur tender verse ses larmes

flowered shrub leans
peonies weighed with love
tender heart bleeds tears

(c) Tournesol’15

Zen inspired (haiku)

This was not an easy prompt.  I usually do not participate because I look through Lolly’s amazing poems, then flip through a few other family members and cannot decide.  So this time chose Jennifer Hu.  Oh, it was still a difficult feat since I have about 5 haiku collections by her.  So I chose a few from (2014-11-25). Final Things: 40 Haiku inspired by Zen practice, Kindle Edition

A sharp cry-
the tea kettle
can’t sing
© Jennifer Hu ’14

an Irish tune –
shower echoes
off key
© Tournesol ’15

Ah! So many wrinkles, now —
but the mirror
is smooth
© Jennifer Hu 2014

how frail
her unsteady gait – girlish
sparkle in her eyes
© Tournesol ’15

the crickets
© Jennifer Hu 2014

thunder clap,
swallows in the tree
lost their tweet
© Tournesol ’15

remembering (one line haiku)

One line Haiku at Carpe Diem

wind though the gaps in the cabin walls … an eagle’s cry
Laura Williams (a.k.a. Lolly)


© Clr '15
© Clr ’15

sun dips slowly, calling me…will I remember you?


recalling the lilt of your laughter – scent of Shalimar


how long before I forget your voice?


© Tournesol ’15