Time (haibun)

A weekend planned to rest and settle boring duties, but….she visited old treasures and then read more stories. Emmersed in thought and such pleasures, two days passed like the snap of a twig…

Time runs away
Fleeting like a butterfly
Leaves a blossom

© Tournesol’15

11 thoughts on “Time (haibun)

  1. That was not only beautiful, but exactly what happens to me when I decide to clean out my closet; I find forgotten treasures, and then the day(s) just slip away as I remember where the lost treasure came from. Quite lovely. And I like your new page. It is beautiful just like you 🙂


    • Yes, but that day was well spent…I am eyeing my return to the place we raised our children…I have put up a few posts with river rapids which are all part of that long long walk Friday afternoon. Saturday I had to rest all day my body was so sore but a good sore:)


    • So true…hope you are well. We seem to have weather colder than your autumn…something is wrong here….(sigh) had to put the heat back on the past two nights with 8C. I wonder if this is telling me our summer will be totally confused.


      • 8C sounds about the same as here. I am on the coast so it stays around 6-8 overnight. Inland is colder. Down to 0 or so overnight. It’s very weird. It isn’t usually this cold in June. I can’t imagine what it will be like when winter really gets going. Another blogger in northern England said it is very cold and wet overthere too. What is going on?


      • Yes. I think climate change is more apt. Something is going on, that’s for sure. I sometimes wonderif melting ice is evaporating, making morecloud and thus, more rain in some places. The tropics are getting warmer I think.

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